Seals and Buckles For Plastic Strapping

Plastic Joint Types

Normal packaging rates for any application influence both the selection of strap and its joining methods. For low-volume, low-tension strapping of lightweight packages or bundles, IPS Packaging offers buckles that are a more economical method of joining strap- since they require no unique sealing tool.

Seals for Hand Tool Application

All types of 12mm plastic strapping as well as 16mm and 19mm High-Strength Tenax strapping that IPS Packaging offers can be sealed with hand tools using metal seals. IPS sells snap-on-seals for use in combining strapping tools with seal magazines.

Seal and Joint Strength

To ensure positive joint strength on all four types of plastic strapping, IPS Packaging offers steel seals and special sealers that are used to form crimp joints. Crimp joints are formed by compressing the seal onto overlapping straps. The holding power of the joint is generated by squeezing the straps and the seal together.

IPS Packaging also offers snap-on-seals that use a grit coating on the inside to increase friction between the strapping and the seals, while Nestack seals use steel teeth.

Friction-Weld Sealless Joint

The Friction-Weld process positively joins plastic strapping without the use of seals or applied heat.


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