Shrink Wrap Machines: A Brief

3D Illustration of a Shrink Wrap Machine
Selecting shrink wrap machines requires an analysis of product specifications, features and potential applications. Fully-automated shrink wrap machines may list the rate in pieces per minute. Some automated shrinkers include an integral feeder and a computer interface that links to a control network. Other shrink wrap equipment is made from stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. Equipment that can handle shrink wrap is suitable for applications which require a very tight, tamper-evident seal to protect products from insects or other pests, moisture, dust or other contaminants, and discourage theft. Most shrink wrap machines can handle shrink wraps with a variety of widths, designs, and film gauge, depending on the application.

Horizontal Wrapper: Capable of speeds up to 120 packages per minute, our horizontal wrappers are designed for a variety of products.

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