The Spiral & Spiral Pro: Compact, easy to use paper packaging system

Compact solutions provide perfect migration protection for small voids.

Total Protection - SmallThe Spiral is a compact paper cushion void fill system. Simple to use, it produces flexible, tubes of paper that offer proven transit protection as well as being environmentally friendly. Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, the system produces a quicker and better pack than hand-formed paper while taking up minimum space on the packing bench.
The pioneering Spiral Pro uses Easypack patented technology to deliver high volumes of void fill paper packaging in seconds! The flexible tubes of 100% recycled paper are produced on demand, straight into the box, so you need never use more than is necessary. High volume output is controlled by a foot switch with the flexible cushion material dispensed straight into the transit box. The small, neat machine takes up minimum space so that every packing bench can have its own dispenser.



Void Fill - Small Block and Brace - Small

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