Steel Strapping

Signode Steel Strapping is the strongest of all strapping materials. It is recommended where high strength is necessary, low elongation is important, and where the product is extremely sharp or hot. Signode Steel strapping is sealed using mechanical seals and notch strapping seals type joints. Although the market for steel is declining, there are still numerous applications where steel is the preferred alternative. Look for your product below or talk to our knowledgeable customers representatives and get same day shipping anywhere in the country!

Steel Strapping is available in three different steel strapping finishes. Each is tailored to the requirements of particular tensioning methods, sealing devices, and packaging applications.

Painted: Painted strapping is coated to offer corrosion resistance. Available in a wide array of Magnus strapping sizes, it is used in crimp-style seal systems to produce high joint strength.

Painted and Waxed: Painted and waxed strapping also provides corrosion resistance. Available in all Apex Plus and Magnus strap sizes, it can be used in notch or crimp-type seal systems. Its chief advantage is improved tension transmission around load corners. Waxed strapping is required for feedwheel-type tensioners.

Zinc painted and waxed: Zinc finish strapping is waxed and has a zinc-enriched coating to provide outstanding resistance to rust. Available in a variety of Apex Plus and Magnus sizes, it has the same enhanced tension transmission characteristics as the painted and waxed strapping. Zinc finish safeguards where it is needed most-at points of surface damage and scratches.


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