Stretch film for the beverage industry (Case Study)

*Updated 9-20-17*

When you hear about stretch film, you only hear about the positives: the damage prevention, cost savings, etc. But, have you thought out how environmental factors may effect your load? What if you’re shipping something sensitive and it’s exposed to environmental changes?

BEVERAGE INDUSTRY PACKAGING: Because of high temperatures and too much condensation, branded labels on bottles can be damaged when wrapped with standard stretch film on pallets.

When is it time to try a new type of stretch film?

A manufacturer of bottled ciders learned the hard way about the pain of condensation and it’s potential damage it can cause to products.

A new type of stretch wrap helped one manufacturer to solve their condensation and water damage problems.

If you’ve ever left a bottle of soda outside in the sun for hours, it’s probably not a good idea to drink it. Not only will the beverage be warm (gross), but it’s probably left a ring on whatever surface it was sitting on. This happens because of the condensation that drips off of the bottle. (Hopefully it isn’t a wooden table that your mom would get mad about having a permanent ring).

Beverages are often packed while they’re still warm, so adverse reactions can occur. For example, during the summer, warm temperatures can lead to condensation damage, resulting in unstable loads. Bottled ciders are pasteurized as part of the brewing process; therefore they are still warm when packed.

One particular manufacturer noticed they were having problems with their stretch wrap because their bottles were getting damaged during packaging.


  • Labels were damaged due to condensation
  • Customers were very dissatisfied with the product


A new type of stretch wrap that breaths allows for air movement in shipments that need to increased flow.

60% more tensile strength than regular stretch film

In the past, the cider manufacturer used a regular stretch film. Because of high temperatures and condensation, the branded labels used on all of the beverages were damaged. Oftentimes, the bottled ciders would arrive sitting in a small puddle of water.  Merchandise sitting in puddles of water did not go over very well with the customers.  The cider company needed serious help.

When they talked to IPS Packaging to help them solve their problem, their Account Manager offered a different kind of stretch film called Air Flo Stretch Film. The stretch wrap reduced condensation because it allowed air to flow through the film, rather than keeping it trapped up against the bottles, causing damage and standing water. The condensation issued resolved, the bottled cider company no longer experienced the spoilage problems associated with water damage. As a result, they found that their products were selling faster, tasted better, and looked better on the shelf.


IPS Packaging provided the perfect solution to the cider company’s problem.  With a different kind of stretch film called Air Flo Stretch Film, the company’s condensation problem was quickly solved. Air Flo Stretch Film offers 60% more tensile strength than regular stretch film when placed under strain. It also contains air bubbles so as to allow a more breathable package. We fixed their issue with condensation so their labels weren’t getting ruined anymore. There were also no more spoiling issues, resulting in happier customers and less product loss.

Air-Flo Stretch Film

AIr-Flow Stretch Wrap

  • Reduces Condensation
  • Eliminates need for separate cooling
  • Has no freeze breaking point
  • Elasticity up to 70%
  • 100% Recyclable


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