Superflow Dunnage Air Bag Benefits

Superflow Dunnage air bags are reusable and offer several benefits for companies looking to meet green initiatives while impacting their bottom line costs.

Superflow Dunnage Air Bags


  • High speed inflation = labor saving
  • High speed deflation, no need to slash bag
  • Eliminate the risk of burst
  • Consistent inflation level, eliminate over and under inflation
  • Reusable = reduced cost per use
  • Lock and secure loads
  • Reduce damage
  • Reduce returns

We were using bags that drained our packaging spend. IPS offered a new method that not only allowed reusability, but still kept our costs low.-Satisfied Customer

Current Method:

  • 100 trucks per week, (2) 48×48 SE bags per truck
  • Air Bags are not reusable
  • Ships 50 weeks per year
  • Price of bag: $5.00 each
  • 100 x 2 x $5.00 x 50 = 60% annual air bag expenditure

Recommended SuperFlow Method:

  • 100 trucks per week, (2) “SuperFlow” 48×48 SE bags per truck
  • Air bags are reusable
  • Ship 50 weeks per year
  • Price of bag each $6.00
  • Each air bag reused twice (conservative approach)
  • 100 x 2 x $6.00 x 50 x .5 = 40% annual air bag expenditure

Total Air Bag Annual Savings

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