Switching to Tenax Strapping Saves

Switching to Tenax Strapping Saves
Have you ever been frustrated with a product’s ability to perform and then realized that there is a much improved, less expensive way to get the job accomplished? Sometimes switching your packaging operation’s strapping can reduce overall labor costs. One lumber company was using steel strapping to secure their loads. Upon realizing that steel strapping is more expensive and more dangerous for employees, the lumber company decided to consult IPS Packaging in order to seek out alternative options.

IPS Packaging suggested high strength tenax strapping. High strength tenax strapping comes with many benefits and advantages. With superior strap performance, tenax strapping is easier to handle than steel and it absorbs more impact without breaking. In addition, polyester does not rust and it cannot stain your product as it is exposed to the elements. Moreover, high strength tenax strapping can reduce your packaging costs. Not only is it recyclable, but its seal-less technology eliminates the need for inventory metal seals.

After hearing and learning about the benefits of switching to high tenax strapping, the lumber company determined to begin utilizing it. They were extremely pleased with their safer, less-expensive way to secure their loads of lumber. After switching to tenax strapping, the company saved 35% in labor alone! Their only regret was not switching to high tenax strapping earlier.


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