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Choosing the right packaging tape

choosing the right tape

***Updated 9-1-18*** What’s the right packaging tape to use? There’s numerous factors into choosing the right packaging tape for each application. Luckily we’re here to help out with some helpful packaging tape insights. Those factors include: environment, tape grade, adhesion surface, and of course quality. Let’s take a look at each first, and then compare hot melt packaging tape and acrylic packaging tape. Environment – Be sure to pay attention to your shipping/receiving environment closely when choosing the right packaging tape. Factors

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Types of Pressure Sensitive Tape

Let’s be honest about Pressure Sensitive Tape So, we’ve talked in the past about water activated tape.  We’ve talked about choosing the right tape.  We even have a whole page on tesa tapes.  But if you don’t know all the tape information, how can you make the most informed decision.  So, it’s only fair to have a quick conversation about the type of tape that everyone is familiar with: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. A pressure sensitive adhesive is a permanently tacky substance that

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