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Dunnage air bags protect truckloads during shipping

dunnage air bag protection during shipping

Shipping air bags for product protection Dunnage air bags are the key to protecting truckloads during the shipping and receiving process. Dunnage is referred to as the material used to load and secure cargo during transportation. It can be used in numerous ways of transportation, including road, railway, ocean, or air. For our discussion, we’ll keep it focused on truckloads, both full and LTL (less than truckload). Simply put, dunnage air bags are air-filled pouches that fill the void between

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Beverage packaging: Commonly used packaging supplies

Beverage industry packaging We know there’s no one size fits all when it comes to beverage packaging. IPS Packaging creates industry specific solutions for companies like yours in the beverage industry. Whether you’re using stretch film to unitize your products, dunnage air bags to protect loads, or specialty tape to keep your products contained; there’s a custom solution for each application. Commonly used packaging products in the beverage industry: Stretch Film Shrink Film Dunnage Airbags Tape Cornerboard Stretch film Stretch film

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Choosing the right dunnage air bag

Choosing the Right Dunnage Air Bags

When it comes to choosing the right dunnage air bag, your needs trump everything. Using a dunnage air bag helps protect your shipments from 360* of movement during travel. These relatively inexpensive, inflatable air bladders, allow you to protect your valuable product during the most treacherous part of the journey. Upwards of 1 in 10 packages are damaged during shipping. And it’s not just about damage. Without proper loading techniques (helped along with a dunnage air bag or two), you

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Applications for Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Basic Air Bag

Damage prevention with dunnage A Dunnage air bag is a poly bladder surrounded by numerous plys of paper, equipped with an inflation valve, and is used to minimize front-to-back load shifting in tractor sales, railcars, and overseas containers. Compacting or positioning the lading Compacting and positioning takes place during dunnage air bag inflation. The air bag surface pushes uniformly out against the load. As the air pressure increases, it overcomes frictional forces, eliminating small voids remaining in the load. No

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How To Properly Use & Operating Pressures for Dunnage Air Bags

Using dunnage air bags → Step 1: Load tightly against bulk head. Load each successive row tightly against previous row. → Step 2: Last units placed against side of trailer. Void should not exceed 18 inches. Fill excess void with other appropriate filler material. → Step 3: Always use proper material to protect bags from load face. No sharp edges or points may touch bag. Irregular load surfaces may require rigid buffering material. → Step 4: Attach “Quick Fill” tip

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