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Pregis Inspyre: A new protective packaging brand

Air pillow protective packaging with color; Pregis Inspyre Pregis LLC, a leader in protective packaging materials is launching Pregis Inspyre. A new protective packaging brand full of color options to help improve the customer experience. The unboxing craze is as popular as ever, and this allows brands to introduce a pop of color into their customers’ experience. Pregis AirSpeed HC Inspyre First up in the new Inspyre lineup for Pregis; its 12-inch wide, low-density, polyethylene hybrid cushioning packaging film. You’re

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Packaging design underrated but vital

Packaging design can be a vastly important part of the overall development of a product.

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Disruptive packaging breaking the traditional mold

Typically, packaging doesn’t break the mold, as companies are content to keep it within easy-to-control paradigms of development. However, an increasingly common production style – disruptive packaging – is drawing more attention than expected in the current market, and more companies than ever are taking notice. One of the foremost reasons why disruptive packaging is growing in popularity comes from Design Week. Citing a study from packaging supplier Smurfit Kappa in collaboration with eye-tracking company EyeSee, it was found that packaging specifically created and designed to “stand out” from among a crowd, was noticed by 76 percent more shoppers in the vital first five seconds they spend to view a shelf full of products.

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Food packaging: vision and progression

According to a recent Ken Research report, the global beverage and food packaging market has been growing at a compound rate in the last half-decade of about 2.5 percent from 2008 to 2013. In the next few years, that number will continue to rise. By 2018, the market itself will see an increased pace of growth, at around 3.1 percent, creating an overall market value of $380 million. In particular, the rigid plastic segment is expected to post the largest overall gains at a growth rate of about 4.2 percent during the period. Paper and cardboard products will represent about 19 percent of the food packaging market by 2018.

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Printed plastic bags: did you know

Printed plastic bags are one way customers ensure that the products they sell are packaged in a way to gain notice. The two most common printing methods are random printing, or registered printing. Random printing on poly bags When a printed image repeats every so many inches on a product, not necessarily in the same location, the printer is utilizing a random printing method. Although the print will appear in a different place on the consecutively produced bags, this type

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