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Protective Packaging- Bubble and Foam

protective packaging materials - bubble wrap and foam rolls- IPS Packaging

Protective packaging Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d pop all those air bubbles that came with a package? Well they’re more useful than just keeping a child’s attention for a few minutes. Bubble and foam are important protective packaging materials. These materials have many applications for protecting products. Applications Uses for both bubble and foam packaging: see chart below. Block and Brace- Position and restrict products within the interior of a secondary package to prevent them

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Air Cushioning Packaging Re-Imagined with the AIRmove2

AIRmove2, air cushioning packaging, air cushioning, inflatable

A Versatile Air Cushioning Packaging Solution for Small Businesses Whether you’re just starting out, or tailor to the small-business market, the AIRmove2 can supply all of your air cushioning packaging needs. Redesigned from the AIRmove1, the AIRmove2 is designed to fit any workstation for an especially quick and direct application at the point of packaging, streamlining the shipping process. Protect your products with the right type of air cushioning for wrapping, cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void filling. 14.3 lbs Transport speed

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Laminated Bubble Packaging


Laminated bubble packaging is bubble packaging that is adhered to kraft paper and that absorbs moisture, can be written on easily, and can be used to conceal the product being shipped.

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Bubble Packaging Case Study

An electronics and appliances company was looking for a protective packaging solution that not only provided green benefits, but durability for fragile items. With a need for superior cushioning, the company was looking for a cost effective solution to their problem.

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Adhesive Bubble for Protective Packaging

Adhesive bubble protective packaging can be used to protect surfaces against mechanical damage and when painting. It has all the advantages of the air bubble film and is easily applicable. The adhesive layer on the film enables attaching it to any smooth surface and leaves no traces after removal of the film. This product is supplied in rolls. Adhesive bubble protective packaging conforms to unusual shapes to provide total surface protection. It is easy to remove and leaves no residue

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