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5 Keys to a Successful Packing Station

packing station

Many people greet the New Year with goals and resolutions to improve their health, happiness, and quality of life. Well, I think we’d all be better off come next December if we did the same for our packing stations. Let’s throw some tinsel in with the Biodegradable loose-fill and usher in the New Year with an upgraded packing station. 1. Take control over “in-the-box” packaging materials Using too much, too little, or the wrong materials can lead to unwanted waste.

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eBook: Packaging automation improves throughput without increased costs

“Not only is the ROI impressive, but the improvements to my throughput is also a big plus.  With year over year growth, [adding an automated stretch wrapper] to our operation will allow us to provide an increased service level at our current state… These throughput improvements will also alleviate much needed space in our facility by allowing us to handle increased volumes in the same space without additional staffing.” Warehouse Operations Manager, Logistics Solutions Provider, Laredo, Texas Packaging automation is working for

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Case Study: How installing a case sealer saved $100K

It seems odd to think that putting money out could save one hundred thousand dollars. But this case study shows that a simple couple of adjustments to automation and the implementation of a case sealer shows exactly how it happened. Check out our free eBook about automating the case sealing process. Situation: For one company, business had doubled since they opened their doors, but they were still manually erecting, packing, sealing, and labeling boxes like they had done for many years. Solution:

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eBook: The 8 biggest benefits of a case sealer

Rising labor cost, high employee turnover, and the need for faster line speeds are pushing management to automate, but end-of-line automation is an investment that can make or break your entire line.  When you’re already struggling to make a profit, why you’d chose to spend money on an automated case sealer may seem like a foreign concept. So, here are the 8 biggest benefits of putting the cash on the line: #1 Case sealers increase your output  Doing more with

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