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Damage Prevention with Shockwatch

The route to accountability

Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen. It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, shipping, and delivery: at some point you’re going to experience damage. In fact, approximately 2% of all shipments are damaged during transit. But, you can mitigate the potential for damage with proper packaging; optimal load design, effective stretch wrapping patterns, efficient trailer loading, and the right dunnage to minimize vibrations and shockwatch. When you do this, you increase customer loyalty

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Stopping damage with unique angle board solution

Unique angle board solution eliminates a problem that costs manufacturers millions of dollars per year in rejected shipments An innovative custom solution can help manufacturers of large appliances eliminate the damage caused to their packaging by clamp trucks. Instead of forklifts and pallets, many manufacturers are using clamp trucks to quickly load, unload and store product. The problem that is often encountered with clamp trucks is that they can crush boxes side-to-side during the loading process. When a clamp truck picks up a unit to load it into a trailer, it can exert up to 2,000

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eBook: How about a little shipping accountability?

When it comes to determining product damage, someone with true shipping accountability is king. Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen. It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, and shipping: at some point, you’re going to experience some kind of damage, somewhere in the supply chain. But if you have the ability to make one small change that could change the course of finger pointing and he said/she said, determining, once and for all, true shipping accountability,

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The True Value of Packaging with Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags - True Value of Shipping

When you’re handling loads of that value, how valuable is your packaging? It’s probably pretty valuable, in your mind, but how much does it actually cost to protect your products? Like any good business owner or manufacturer, you undoubtedly know the value of your products when you’re shipping them. Sometimes your truckload can hold a value in the tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s closer to a million (depending on what you’re shipping). But do you know how much

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How are your customers reacting to your packaging?

You know how you feel about your packaging. But, have you thought about how your customers feel about your packaging? And does it even matter? Apparently – the answer is yes. I ran across this really interesting study conducted by one of our vendors. The goal of the study was to measure consumer emotional response to different protective packaging mediums. While some of the results may not be surprising, some were and some are really good food for thought as you

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