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Foam in place packaging case study: Automotive

foam in place packaging systems

Automotive industry success with foam in place packaging Foam in place packaging can be a success is many industries, but let’s take a look at the automotive industry for this case study. You’ll see how a foam packaging system is able to improve the efficiency and decrease the cost per pack out for an automotive company. With the SmartBagger with Maxwell foam in place packaging system, the company is now able to hit their goals and keep up with demand.

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Foam in place packing: Protective materials for your products

foam in place packaging

Foam packing systems There’s many needs to fill with foam in place packing (foam in place), whether its protective void-fill, blocking and bracing, cushioning, or pre-molded pads. No matter what your application is, packaging foam in place provides the most cost-effective and time-efficient technology to improve your process. Foam in place packing puts a protective mold around your products to keep them being damaged during shipping. There’s several improvements that these systems do to your packaging operation. Foam in place

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Case Study: Foam sheets reduce costs by 15%

foam sheets case study

Low density sheet foam improves performance, space utilization while reducing costs by 15% Pregis’ proprietary product, Microfoam® low‐density polypropylene (PP) sheet foam, provides superior protection for easily scratched surfaces. Its high coefficient of friction (COF) allows it to cling to the item it is protecting. (Low COF materials slide back and forth increasing the chance that sensitive product finishes will be subjected to abrasion.) Project Overview  A Midwestern manufacturer of furniture and movable wall systems for education, corporate, government and healthcare markets had been

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Foam Packaging on Rolls

Foam packaging is one of the most versatile protective packaging materials available that conforms to any product shape. These foam rolls come in a wide variety of sizes and can be custom cut to suit your packaging needs.

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Microfoam protective packaging material incorporates 50,000 closed cells per cubic inch for superb cushioning, void fill, thermal, vapor transmission interleaving, surface protection and insulation. Microfoam sheet foam is a versatile material with unlimited applications across a wide range of industries. Available in sheets, rolls and laminated forms, microfoam sheet foam is the only low density polypropylene sheet foam product on the market.

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