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Improving the unboxing experience in 4 steps

Improving the unboxing experience in 4 steps

There’s a lot to unpack with the unboxing experience By now you’ve probably heard about the unboxing experience, you may have had this experience yourself with consumer goods. That feeling of anticipation that one gets just before they open the packaging to reveal their new item. We’ve all done it and it probably started for everyone at Christmas. Think back to when you were a little kid and the excitement you got by opening those presents tucked under the tree.

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Integrated labels and packing lists

integrated labels, label forms, packing lists

Ready for shipping You’ve finished packaging your products and they’re ready to be shipped. You’re just waiting on one last thing. The labels. We’re talking shipping labels, packaging lists, invoices, tracking numbers, etc. With integrated labels and sheets you can put everything on one sheet. Integrated labels are broadly used in the following industries: Logistics Healthcare Ecommerce Healthcare We’re able to source these labels for whatever application you may have. Maybe you need them for warehousing and inventory, you could

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Are linerless labels really worth the hype?

Before we can figure out if linerless labels are worth the hype or if they’re just the latest marketing buzzword from the label industry, it’s important that we start with the basics. So, what, exactly, are linerless labels? Adhesive labels are most often produced with a backing or liner. You peel the label from the liner and stick it wherever you want and then toss the liner. Linerless labels, on the other hand, adhere to themselves. The silicone-coated labels are, essentially, their own

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Packaging labels: What you need to know

packaging labels

***Updated 7-2-18*** Everyone needs packaging labels, but no one thinks about them. Think about the last package you received. Most likely, there was a packaging label on the box. It probably had a label on the product itself, like a UPC code. It probably had a packing list, as well as some other identifying information within the box. Packaging labels are everywhere, on everything we purchase. There’s a wide variety of types, adhesive types, and industries using labels on their

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Labels: Know your options and increase profitability

The label is the text printed on a product package and includes all written, printed, or graphic material on the containers of products that are involved in interstate commerce or held for sale. According to the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966, every product package or label must display the following information: product type, producer or processor’s name and location, the quantity (if it so applies),
the number of and size of servings (if applicable).

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