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Packaging engineering sample table – New video

packaging engineering solutions from IPS Packaging

Our new packaging engineering sample table IPS engineers, designers, and specialists will work to create engineered packaging solutions unique to your specific needs. Our new Kongsberg X Sample Table is here. See how our packaging engineering service can help your business grow.   With our knowledge of the latest in packaging technology, systems, design, and automation, we will create engineered packaging solutions to achieve your goals. Latest engineering technology Our engineers are equipped with the latest packaging related software to

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Wrap rage: it’s real and it’s spectacular

Ever heard of wrap rage?  Apparently, it is a real thing and it actually sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year (I’m imagining that conversation with the intake nurse now… and I’ll admit that I’m chuckling a little). So, our Content Specialist wrote about it on her LinkedIn blog because, honestly, she couldn’t believe it was a real thing either.  A little research and it’s pretty amazing the stuff that she found out. Wrap rage.  It’s not the on-going battle between

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Packaging design underrated but vital

Packaging design can be a vastly important part of the overall development of a product.

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Packaging design: wine connoisseur or mere surveyor?

While it may seem like a minor aspect of a business, package design is actually one of the more important aspects of engaging the customer, including improvements in supply chain management.

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