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Colored stretch wrap: Stand out in the market

Stretch wrap in all the colors Remember everyone’s friend Roy G. Biv from school? Well, he’s back, mostly, and this time we’re talking stretch film. Colored stretch wrap can help you stand out in a saturated market. Red, orange, yellow, blue, they’re all here to help easily identify wrapped pallets. Hand plastic wrap is ideal for quickly wrapping a load without the hassle of large stretch wrap equipment. But just because it may look cool, there’s more uses for this wrap

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Pallet wrapping to improve packaging in food and beverage industry

Pallets are one of the most convenient ways to transport a large amount of goods across the country. Their wide base can support large stacks of products ensuring ease of maneuverability and product transportation. From electronics to clothing, pallets are a commonality within nearly every warehouse.

Because of their frequency of use, there is increased room for savings when it comes to packaging. One of the most conventional methods of packaging product to pallets is by applying stretch film to the load manually. However commonly used across industries, this application may not always prove the most cost effective and/or efficient. An individual could be over zealous in his or her efforts and, in the name of security, use more film than is actually necessary to secure the pallet. Conversely, an employee could use too little film and jeopardize the safe shipment of the pallet. Further still, improper pallet wrapping could compromise the contents.

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