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Signode BXT3 Poly Strapping Tool Video

Last week we wrote about the new features of the Signode BXT3 poly strapping tool. Now, it’s time to see them in action. Watch the video below to see how the BXT3 works, and all the improvements to the new model. Like what you see? Learn more about the Signode BXT3 poly strapping tool.

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Signode BXT3 battery powered strapping tool

Poly Strapping

*Updated 05-18-18* BXT3 strapping tool Signode has stopped producing the BXT2 series as of August 2017. The new line of poly strapping tools- BXT3, is available now at IPS Packaging. There’s a lot of upgrades to the new line that we want show you. The video above will give you a quick overview of the signode tool in action. Read on to get a better look at the new features and the differences between the 3 models. The BXT3 plastic

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How to choose the right strapping product: What type of package do you have?

*Updated 11-27-17* Do you know how to choose the right strapping product? If you’re using strapping to package your products, knowing what kind of package you have will help you to determine what kind of strapping you need to purchase. Do you know that there are five main types of packages on which you’d use strapping? Knowing what kind of package you’re looking to unitize will help you determine the right strapping to use. But first, you have to understand

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Case Study: Switching sealers saves company thousands of dollars

BTS Sealer

A lumber company was using an expensive method to secure their mixed loads of lumber. Realizing that their production was slower than it should be, they decided to seek the help of IPS Packaging.

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Lightweight strapping tool offers unique modes for all jobs

Finding a lightweight strapping tool just got easier Strapping is one of the most used methods of unitization, bundling, and packaging in most industrial settings. Being able to easily and quickly tension and seal with a lightweight strapping tool is something that every operation is looking for when it comes to getting product out the door. The BXT2-16 is a battery-powered combination tool from Signode that can be used on both polyester and polypropylene strapping. This lightweight strapping tool is versitle, easy-to-use,

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