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Integrated labels and packing lists

integrated labels, label forms, packing lists

Ready for shipping You’ve finished packaging your products and they’re ready to be shipped. You’re just waiting on one last thing. The labels. We’re talking shipping labels, packaging lists, invoices, tracking numbers, etc. With integrated labels and sheets you can put everything on one sheet. Integrated labels are broadly used in the following industries: Logistics Healthcare Ecommerce Healthcare We’re able to source these labels for whatever application you may have. Maybe you need them for warehousing and inventory, you could

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Foam-in-place: How “smart” is your packaging?

When the cost of shipping increases, e-commerce retailers have to consider their options to salvage their profit margins, especially when offering “free” shipping. Foam-in-place systems promise package density within controlled container dimensions. With the additional promised benefits, it remains the first choice in smart packaging alternatives.

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Packaging engineers – define and refine!

Cost initiatives and process improvement goals going into 2014? we have a package solution! Going into quarter four of 2013 many companies are beginning to review the previous three quarter spend of 2013 in the mindset of goal development and process improvements going into 2014. You may be asking some of these same questions: Responding to the demand – packaging engineers Successful cost-saving initiatives and process improvement implementation requires experience, knowledge and dedication. Logic Packaging, a subsidiary of IPS Packaging,

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