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How much is sustainability changing the way we package?

Sustainability is a big push in 2016. And with online purchasing being an ever bigger aspect of our economy, the packaging that people are receiving those items in is quickly becoming a major aspect in the sustainability push. But with boxes with more and more recycled material, are we getting the same quality of packaging that we were in the past? And if we aren’t, how are we able to get our money’s worth out of our packaging? First of all,

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Protective packaging products introducing out-of-the-box alternatives

For years, when it’s come time for companies to develop specific strategies for safe and protective shipping practices, they’ve only had a few options. PSFK reported that one new strategy called Fragile, developed by product designer Mireia Gordi Vila, is a flexible and reusable packaging system intended to create a new way to protect fragile items when they’re stored or transported from one place to another. The system created by Mireia Gordi Vila provides additional adaptability in various forms: capability to fit inside various forms of packaging, can be used for almost any type of delivery due to it’s flexible membrane design and has a sustainable appeal – reusable packaging.

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Foam in place advantages transcend packaging alternatives

Simply stated, quality delivery improves customer loyalty. The buying experience improves with ease of opening and discovery of the product as promised. Easy access to purchase and parts without the hassle of foam peanuts and bubble wrap is a real plus. Easy removal without the hassle of containers within containers is another. And, easily recycled storage materials makes everyone happy. This is exactly what foam-in-place packaging offers. It fills space fully with a customized cushion that molds itself around off and sharp shapes and corners. The product sits nestled in a pocket or pillow of protection from scratches and other damages. Parts and peripherals nest in their own insets, and all pieces remove cleanly and simply.

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