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Case study: Returnable packaging design for automotive parts

returnable packaging for the automotive industry

Returnable packaging overview An automotive parts manufacturer produces plastic injection parts for the automotive industry, specializing in heavy truck and bus parts. In 2015, The automotive company received the business to produce plastic car kits for a Chevy Cruz model. The parts are produced in North Carolina and are shipped to their customer in Texas. They partnered with IPS to develop a cost effective, returnable packaging solution to protect the car kits. See what our engineering team developed to cut

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Returnable Packaging 101

Returnable packaging is durable packaging meant for multiple uses in a closed loop system. This type of packaging can include pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers and dunnage. Each form of returnable packaging is made of materials such as plastics, injection molding, textile-based protective packaging and other materials that are durable and designed for multiple uses.

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