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Reducing the cost of shipping with dunnage airbags

Dunnage Air Bags reduce cost of shipping

Total cost of shipping The total cost of shipping doesn’t just relate to the cost of the freight to get your load from your facility to the point of sale. It also includes hidden costs, such as: Visible damage Concealed damage Labor costs Safety issues Customer satisfaction The difference between visible damage and concealed damage can be the difference between a sellable product and an unsellable one. When a truckload arrives at a receiving dock, shifted pallets and crushed boxes

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LTL rates going up this year?

Less Than Truckload Shipping Rates

LTL rates increasing in 2018 Be on the lookout for increasing LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping rates this year. 2018 could see increases up to 5% for shipping less than truckload shipments. This is due to pent-up demand, shortage of qualified drivers, rising e-commerce deliveries, and increased government regulations. If you ship LTL, be ready for some of the highest rates in a decade. Last year, core pricing rose about 4% on average. Those core charges, (net of fuel surcharges),

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3 packaging considerations for strapping

There’s 3 main factors to consider when choosing the type of strapping for your package. We previously talked about package characteristics and the types of packages. Now it’s time to review how the package will be handled, stored, and shipped. Handling A load picked up by overhead crane requires more careful consideration than a product that is handled by conveyor or fork lifting truck. Lifting packages by the strap should only be done with special steel strapping, seals, and lifting methods.

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Change your packaging, lower your shipping: Is it really that easy?

It’s been over a year now since UPS and FedEx began charging by size, not just by weight.  Before the price increase, any ground shipment of a packaging size less than 3 feet was charged by weight only.  Since the price increase, all packages will be priced via dimensional weight. Historically, shipping costs have been calculated on the basis of gross weight.   But by charging only based on weight, large lightweight sized packages became unprofitable for freight carriers. These large, lightweight boxes would take up

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How can you protect against damage during transit?

Transit is the most dangerous part of the shipping process.  Learn how to protect against it. No amount of proper wrapping can protect against voids between those pallets once they’re loaded into trailers because no matter how you place the pallets in a trailer, you’re going to have voids which will allow for pallet movement during the journey.  Pallets tend to move from side to side during the journey.  The same can be said about front to back movement, as

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