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Damage Prevention with Shockwatch

The route to accountability

Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen. It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, shipping, and delivery: at some point you’re going to experience damage. In fact, approximately 2% of all shipments are damaged during transit. But, you can mitigate the potential for damage with proper packaging; optimal load design, effective stretch wrapping patterns, efficient trailer loading, and the right dunnage to minimize vibrations and shockwatch. When you do this, you increase customer loyalty

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Testing for package safety

Package Safety

Package Safety Package testing is a very important part of package safety. There are many different type of packages and package protection material that companies use, all of which have undergone some sort of testing. Things to know when learning about package safety: Will the package itself protect the product? How are packages tested? How efficient is this in finding flaws in material or protection? New Materials Every time a new package material is invented, it must undergo testing. There

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eBook: How about a little shipping accountability?

When it comes to determining product damage, someone with true shipping accountability is king. Logistics is all about preparing for the unforeseen. It is the science of product risk management. Picking, pulling, packaging, loading, and shipping: at some point, you’re going to experience some kind of damage, somewhere in the supply chain. But if you have the ability to make one small change that could change the course of finger pointing and he said/she said, determining, once and for all, true shipping accountability,

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eBook: Shipping accountability helps prevent product damage, profit losses

Shockwatch TempMark8

Shipping accountability makes revenue management and damage reduction easier Manufacturers, distributors, and carriers are left to absorb the cost of damages when packaging, handling, and transporting fails to deliver the goods to customers as ordered. But, sometimes you don’t know where or when the damage occurred, especially when it’s not detectable until the end-user is opening the packaging. The fact of the matter is that having shipping accountability means that you can find out when and where something happened. Sure, insurers

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Shockwatch: safeguard supply chain accountability

The fact is that your products can be shuffled, moved, pushed, crushed, dropped, thrown, or mishandled when they are not in your presence. So affording yourself the ability to apply that accountability to the wayyour products are handled, is imperative . When you have a measurable, verifiable method of being able to point to where your products were or conversely, were not okay then you are much better able to pinpoint the time of damage.

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