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Packaging Machines And Reducing Material Costs

While many packaging functions can be addressed by human labor, there are better ways of handling these processes, which can inevitably contribute to better supply chain management and a reduction in materials costs.

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6 easy ways to save money on your packaging

It’s time to save money on your packaging. Here are 6 simple ways. Have you ever thought about some of the ways that you could find some hidden cost savings potential in packaging? Ten years ago, it wasn’t a high priority. However, as transportation and warehousing costs have continued to steadily rise, companies realized that packaging offered a fresh opportunity to cut costs. Despite that new found awareness, many companies are still struggling to identify where exactly they can cut

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eBook: Shipping accountability helps prevent product damage, profit losses

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Shipping accountability makes revenue management and damage reduction easier Manufacturers, distributors, and carriers are left to absorb the cost of damages when packaging, handling, and transporting fails to deliver the goods to customers as ordered. But, sometimes you don’t know where or when the damage occurred, especially when it’s not detectable until the end-user is opening the packaging. The fact of the matter is that having shipping accountability means that you can find out when and where something happened. Sure, insurers

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Economic growth and packaging automation unite

As the economy continues to grow, so does the need for packaging solutions optimizing precision, speed and safety.

There are a number of processes that may be incorporated into manufacturing to increase efficiency. Once such process improvement can be found in the use of assembly lines. The precision and speed provided by assembly lines grossly outweigh human labor both in cost and accuracy.

In the same respect, the merits of utilizing packaging machines is trending upward. Just a handful of the major benefits automation can bring to the table are: precision, product and employee safety, and material, labor and cost reduction.

Because these machines are capable of making such improvements, their market is expected to see considerable growth over the coming years. The automated packaging machine market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.6 percent per year through 2017, by which time, it will be worth nearly $42 billion, according to a report by the Freedonia Group.

Much of this growth is expected to be in industries that handle potentially harmful products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. One of the largest markets in the industry will be in Asia, where India and China are expected to make up 21 percent of the total by 2017.

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Packaging and sustainability

Packaging is more than getting something from point A to point B successfully, it’s also about doing it in a sustainable fashion. The role of any company is being able to provide reliable service on a consistent basis. While everyone would like to be able to send their product in a cast iron box with an air tight foam interior, this is not likely going to happen because of the sheer cost and inconvenience. This means it is important that a company balance cost with effectiveness as well as the amount of waste that is produced. By using a sustainable approach to packaging, companies should be able to find reliable and sustainable ways to transport their products.

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