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Strapping tape for safety and security

Tesa Tape

Strapping tape uses Strapping tape is used regularly to protect delicate surfaces, secure loose parts, and protect key components against shocks and mechanical stress during transport. These tapes also are used in bundling and palletizing all sorts of transport units. There’s a few features of strapping tape that come to mind, but there’s one in particular that stands out. This type of packing tape has strong and sturdy backings that let the tape absorb high tensile strength while displaying low

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TPP tapes: a clear packaging alternative

Tape comes with many different options. Most of the time, we find customers using stretch film in order to unitize their pallets. While this may be a viable option for some warehouses, others may want to consider changing their packaging solution to tape. Innumerable packaging processes rely on stretch film to unitize pallets. While stretch film is certainly a viable option, an alternative packaging solution may just be a TPP tape. TPP tape is made of tensilized polypropylene. TPP tape is offered as an alternative to filament tapes for securing pallets, bundling heavy goods, end tabbing coiled or rolled materials, and reinforced holding of volatile components.

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