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Best practices for shipping roll paper via train

To remain competitive in today’s market place it is incumbent upon the shipper, carrier, and receiver to make sure that products are handled safely and without damage. During the transportation cycle, each party must understand that there are characteristics unique to the environment of the other parties in the cycle. The shipper has unique problems associated with space, cost, efficiency, and operating methods that are unique to that location. Likewise, the rail carrier has similar constraints. To this is added the natural occurring environment in

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The Water Activated Tape Revolution

Water activated tape (WAT) is a paper carton sealing tape (white or natural kraft) available in various widths and thicknesses and which may contain multiple layers with fiberglass reinforcement. When the adhesive is activated with water, it penetrates the carton material, forming a permanent bond with the carton. It bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces, generating an immediate, destructive bond which is what makes it a highly effective theft deterrent. Secure Bond: the starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds

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Reducing Protective Packaging Costs

Ten Ways an Inflatable Void Fill System can Reduce Protective Packaging Costs In simple terms, an on-demand inflatable air system creates packaging cushions for filling the voids in packages, when you need them. A roll of film is mounted on a small unit and used to create either single-chamber “pillows” or multi-chamber “hybrid cushioning” pad, depending on your packaging’s specific requirements. But, remember, it’s not just about pricing. There are a wide variety of areas that you consider when you

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Reduce: Cut Waste, Materials, Energy Use, and More!

Today, the shrink packaging community is encouraging the practice of downgauging, meaning the usage of a smaller gauge of shrink film and, thus, using less materials. But slimming down the film used can quickly lead to disaster: if a downgauged package rips, bursts, causes problems on the packaging line, or doesn’t meet the consumer expectations, any cost and sustainability gains are already gone. Traditionally, high-level gauge shrink films were common; often, companies picked their film because it was the first

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ShockWatch: Shipping Accountability and Damage Prevention

*Updated 8-30-17* We live in a fairly litigious society; everyone is out to protect themselves from everyone else. And commerce and trade make up a big part of all of our lives. So it should come as no surprise that the safety of products during shipping has become a greater concern to industry and customers. It’s critical that products get from point A to point B in one piece, even if those two points are across the globe. And as

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