The Full 7-R’s of Sustainable Packaging

As applied to packaging, sustainability means reducing the amount of packaging, increasing the percentage of renewable materials and using less energy in manufacturing and shipping. Many large retailers are implementing some sort of sustainability strategies, setting the ground rules for packaging suppliers and distributors. In the long run this will help preserve our environment and result in cost savings.


By switching to Cornerboard you can transform your business to be socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Optimizing design to achieve maximum product protection using less material
  • Offering eco-friendly recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging alternatives
  • Ensuring efficient transportation and delivery of packaging orders
  • Helping achieve the 7 R’s of Sustainable Packaging

The 7 R’s of Sustainable Packaging

1 – Remove Packaging

  • Laminations products remove excess “overpackaging,” providing suppliers exactly what they need for their logistics environment, without extra packaging components
  • 4 pieces of Cornerboard unitize and stabilize a pallet load with stretch wrap and/or banding, eliminating large, awkward corrugated shrouds

2 – Reduce Packaging

  • By providing maximum protection with minimal packaging material, Cornerboard products are a natural choice for source reduction
  • Excellent strength of Cornerboard products allows customers to downgauge corrugated cases
  • One pallet load of Cornerboard can package hundreds of pallets of product

3 – Reuse Packaging

  • Many Laminations products can be returned and reused in a closed-loop system to unitize multiple loads over time
  • Laminations converts side roll trim and other non-standard products into higher-value, first-quality packaging components
  • Laminations’ use for these materials results in at least one additional reuse before recycling

4 – Renew(able) Resources in Packaging

  • Instead of returning to the city wastewater system, wastewater from Laminations’ printing process is reused in manufacturing, saving thousands of gallons of water each year
  • Several components of the glue used in Laminations’ manufacturing process are purchased off-spec and reformulated to first-quality before use
  • When making glue, Laminations reuses water from the cleanup of its printing plates
  • No heat is used in the laminating process, eliminating energy usage

5 – Recycle(able) Packaging

  • All paperboard packaging products are made from recycled fiber, approximately 80% of which is post-consumer waste
  • All Laminations products are 100% recyclable for easy disposal in existing recycling systems; they can be added to the baler for collecting and baling old corrugated
  • Cornerboard laminated paperboard products are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable; whereas some edge protector products use co-mingled materials and must be sent to a landfill

6 – Revenue (economic benefits)

  • Laminations is compliant with U.S. Green Building Council Initiatives: strategically located plants serve customers in every area of the United States expediently and cost-effectively reducing shipping-related fuel consumption
  • Cornerboard is denser than corrugated, so more product can be shipped in a truckload
  • Cornerboard can stack otherwise un-stackable loads for better cube utilization in trailers and warehouses, leading to savings in shipping and storage
  • Shipping costs are reduced by using Cornerboard products to double stack or square off pallet loads allowing more product to be shipped per truck

7 – Read (education)

  • Laminations is committed to helping its customers identify and select the most appropriate environmentally responsible packaging solutions

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