Tidy Up Your Packaging with Foam-In-Place

Foam-In-Place Fighting Packaging Peanut Pains

Loose-fill packaging peanuts can create a monstrous mess when opening a package. How many times have you opened your awaited delivery to see nothing but a sea of packaging peanuts glaring back at you?

There is no other choice but to dig into the unholy mess of peanuts in search for your item(s). If you are lucky, you can have everything cleaned up before your kids or pets find them. Otherwise, you end up finding those pesky peanuts throughout your house for weeks to come. As you’re diving into your package, those little Styrofoam devils flying everywhere, you think to yourself, “there has got to be a better way to protect those delicate or awkward shaped products.”

So, what’s a shipper to do? One of the glaring issues with packaging peanuts (besides the obvious issues stated above) is the unbelievable amount of storage space needed to keep them at a facility. When shipping products, you want to ensure that your products arrive in the best condition and damage-free. This means you can prevent receiving those angry phone calls from upset customers because their item was shattered during transit. All this due to poor interior packaging. Is there even a solution out there that can make your life easier, keep your customers happy, and make sure that your products make it through the nightmare of shipping unharmed? Foam-in-place is here to save the day!

Say Hello to Foam-In-Place

It is a customizable interior cushion that provides the highest degree of protection for all those fragile, heavy, or odd-shaped items.

Foam-in-place is a unique customized cushioning that molds around the product it is protecting. For this to work, two liquid chemicals are put into a high-density polyethylene bag. Then the reactions begin to “foam” and expand to surround the item, filling the space between the container and the product. This gives the product a completely custom protective shell.

Foam-in-place offers the best line of protection out there for all your products, no matter how different they are from one another. Some of the key benefits of foam-in-place is that it:

  • Allows your operators to work smarter
  • Increases maximum employee productivity
  • Reduces or eliminates damage expenses
  • Maximizes space and cost efficiency due to its small footprint
  • Increases consumer confidence

Are you ready to move to foam-in-place?

Foam-in-place has a bunch of benefits but ensuring that it is implemented in the right environment, with the right people, is key to its success. It is important for your products to have a snug and lightweight protection to maintain customer satisfaction and cost-effective shipping. Foam-in-place is the ideal for any company that is shipping fragile products with different shapes, sharp edges, corners, and all!

The most cost-effective and least time-consuming foam-in-place technologies are made with your operators in mind by simplifying the packaging process, reducing cost, and increasing productivity. There are many ways your packaging process can improve with this technology, including the elimination of waste in labor time, inventory, defect production, and overproduction.


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