Top 10 packaging articles this year

It’s getting close to the end of the year and we wanted to share our top 10 most read packaging blog posts from our Knowledge Base this year. What’s been popular this year? It looks like there’s a lot of questions about plastics, corrugated, and poly bags. That seems to be the theme for all of these articles, you’re looking for solid information on some confusing things. You’ve definitely come to the right place so keep coming back for more useful #packaging knowledge next year. If there’s something you’d like to get more info on, please get in touch with us! Email us

10. Poly

Types of poly materials

A quick glossary of poly material terms that you should know. Standard low density, linear low density, slip, and EVA, it’s all here. “Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) film has a molecular configuration that lends it to applications where strength, and puncture strength in particular, is more important than clarity.”

9. Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard costs set to expand in coming years

This one seemed to spike in March. It highlights the rise in cost that corrugated could see in the coming years. “In the next few years, boxes will see their prices grow by 3 percent annually, with the rising cost of paper leading companies to utilize competing types of shipping.”

8. Poly mailers

Custom poly bubble mailers


Shop poly bubble mailers

Quick details about our custom poly bubble mailers available at IPS Packaging. “Give your Airjacket poly bubble mailer what it needs to stand out! Increase customer and potential customer awareness of your brand by customizing your package.”

7. Corrugated

Corrugated manufacturer’s joint

Do you know the different types of corrugated joints? You will after reading this blog. This is you quick reference guide to corrugated joints. “Manufacturer’s joint is an even piece of corrugated fiberboard which has been cut, slotted, and scored. It is called box blank.”

6. Corrugated

Corrugated rules and regulations

Rules and regulations, Item 222 and Rule 41, Edge Crush Test, just some of the topics covered in this guide. This is the kind of page you should be bookmarking. “ECT is a characteristic of the combined board that, along with other factors, predicts the compression strength of the finished corrugated fiberboard box.”

5. Corrugated

Packaging 101: The corrugated box

Class is in session! Basically everything you want to know about corrugated. Now with even more pictures! “Whether you are someone running a multi-billion dollar facility or you’re filling orders out of your garage, everyone needs packaging.”

4. Cornerboard

Cornerboard: maximize packaging protection and support

Similar to a FAQ, this covers everything you’ll need to know on cornerboard. How to use it, how it’s made, how to measure it and more. If you’re not familiar with cornerboard this is a great place to start. “Using corner board on packaging cost-effectively replace wood or metal protectors to strengthen containers and palletized goods.”

3. Polybags

How to determine your bag size

This one’s pretty simple, but very useful. Not sure how to measure a poly bag? We got you covered with images and instructions. “When you buy the size closest to your needs, the benefits are two fold; you save money by purchasing a smaller product and you do your part to help protect the environment by using less material.”

2. Corrugated

Determining compressions requirements

compressed corrugated boxAn oldie but goodie, we’ve updated this post this year to reflect new and useful information. This blog includes simple formulas and things to look out for to see if your corrugated meets compression requirements. ” It’s important to figure out this information to make sure your boxes can withstand certain pressures during shipping and receiving. If the compression strength and distribution environment is known, the effective stacking strength of any given RSC can be reasonably estimated.”

1. Plastics

Polyethylene (PE) vs Polypropylene (PP)

Our most read article of the year and updated again this year. This is a pretty common question in our industry and we’re here to help. It’s not too long and to the point so you can get the info you need quickly. We go over the characteristics of polyethylene and polypropylene and list products that are made from each. This is a great quick reference guide to some of the most used materials in packaging. “A polypropylene bag is a high clarity, crystal clear bag which enhances the product’s image. It provides a highly protective barrier against moisture and vapors.”

Bonus post

Signode BXT3 battery powered strapping tool

Here’s a rising star from our Knowledge base that’s sure to keep people informed on one of the newest products. Packed with new information about the newest line of strapping tool technology from Signode. Includes highlight video, breaks down the new features, and an interactive 3D model. “The BXT3 strapping tool improves on past models and adds intuitive features that will make hand strapping easier for the operator.”

That’s the list! Thanks for stopping by this year, hopefully you learned some great packaging knowledge. Follow our Knowledge Base for the latest blogs on packaging supplies, equipment, case studies, and more ways to save money.
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