Uses for VCI Packaging

VCI prevents rust on metal materials during shipping, storage, or in-process applications

First of all, what is VCI? It stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. These inhibitors are chemicals added to packaging materials that will prevent rust. This type of packaging contains special chemicals that are scientifically designed to release rust-inhibiting molecules. These molecules attach themselves to the surface area of the metal. I’m no scientist, but that sounds pretty cool right? These little rust-fighting molecules form an invisible protective layer that prevents the war on metal. It’s important to protect your metal materials against corrosion. Let’s take a look at what metals should be using VCI.

Wrap metal in Armor Packaging Wrap VCI Paper

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What metals should be protected with VCI packaging?

  • Iron
  • Steel

Metals that contain:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Copper

What causes corrosion?

Corrosion is an electro-chemical process that gradually destructs metal materials due to their reaction with the environment. This won’t happen without a conducting solution called an electrolyte. Water, rain, moisture, and humidity are the main culprits to corrosion. Even in relative humidity, say 65%, electrolytes will form, causing corrosion. Without the proper protection against corrosion, your metal materials will rust away over time and will become unusable.

Types of VCI protective packaging


Metal protected by VCI PaperVCI paper is produced with safe, water-based rust preventatives on both sides of the paper. This kraft paper wraps around your metal products to safely protect them from corrosion over time. The automotive industry commonly uses VCI to product all the metal parts. Whether they’re sitting in your warehouse awaiting production, or in the shipping process, rust will happen to metal. It’s only a matter of time, and it costs companies billions of dollars every year.

Poly Films

VCI Poly SheetingPoly bags and stretch wrap that has those volatile corrosion inhibitors infused into the poly material. These films combine the benefits of barrier packaging with anti-corrosion protection. They’re easy to use and everyone has seen poly bags and stretch film before. You’re getting extra protection for metal, great for small parts and tools that will rust.

Poly Bag- VCI protected


You know what we’re talking about when you buy food or shoes and ship it to your house. Yeah, they’re those small little pouches that help a product sustain dryness. While they’re common in consumer packaging, they also play a roll in protecting metals. They’re able to control that nasty humidity that causes corrosion because they’re absorbing moisture in an enclosed space.


Emitting VCI PackagingVCI emitters provide excellent absorption in areas that are hard to reach. Emitters come in different forms like; pouches, tablets, foams and Corrosion protection paper. They’re great in preventing corrosion in electrical boxes, export containers, and anywhere else where packaging isn’t really doable.

Don’t let rust ruin your products

For more on VCI products, head here.

Don’t wait to protect your metal materials from rust and corrosion. The longer you wait, the worse it’s going to get. VCI packaging is the simplest and easiest way to keep your products from going bad over time. Whether they’re sitting in the warehouse, or on the road to their next destination, rust over time happens. With many different products and applications, there’s multiple ways to make sure your metal materials don’t get ruined.

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