VCI Emitters

VCI Emitters

IPS VCI inserts provide exceptional absorption and will even reach recessed areas. Inserts fit into virtually any packaging system and come in pouches, tablets, foams and Corrosion protection paper. When your customers use your product, they can rely on the same corrosion protection to lengthen the service life of you product. IPS VCI systems protect electrical and electronic equipment during manufacturing, storage, shipping, operation and shutdown. IPS water or oil-based barrier coatings protect installed valves and pumps from atmospheric corrosion. IPS additives protect lubricant systems from corrosive environments and contaminants.

In cases where equipment or systems require lay-up for temporary shutdown or long-term mothballing, IPS products offer many benefits. You apply them instantly, quickly, and, depending on the product, with little or no surface preparation to your piping, tubes, tanks, motors and generators. External as well as internal working surfaces and mechanical parts are effectively protected. You select the degree of protection needed based on the severity of the environment and the length of exposure. Your protected equipment will always be ready for use.

New ultra-thin IPS disk emitters provide effective corrosion protection for exposed metals inside all VCI Emitter Corrosion protection types of electronic and telecommunications cabinets and enclosures.

Unique IPS disks are 2 3/16 in. around, and up to only ¼ in. high. IPS 5 disk protects 5 cu. ft. of space; IPS 10 disk protects 10 cu. ft. of space. Both are easy to install by simply peeling off the adhesive strip backing and pressing the emitter onto a flat surface such the inside lid of a junction box or panel. The protective vapors begin to work immediately, and last for up to 2 years. Protection is clean, dry, and effective on steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal parts.

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