VCI Paper

VCI Paper on a RollVCI papers provide oxidization protection in several different applications including single item packaging, multiple item wrapping for bulk shipments, OEM and automotive parts packaging for storage and shipping, and sheet liners for product separation. The papers are nitrite free and made from neutral/natural kraft that is recyclable and repulpable.

VCI paper superior corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When the metal part is wrapped or interleaved within the VCI Paper, vapors are emitted which saturate the surrounding air space. These vapors are adsorbed onto the metal surfaces forming a mono-molecular protective layer. This protective layer remains on the metal surface until the package is opened. When it evaporates, all that is left is a clean, dry metal surface.


VCI paper provides a dry method of protection which enables effective long-term protection of metal parts. This paper also provides excellent vapor phase and contact inhibitor action.

IPS provides a comprehensive range of papers incorporating specialist chemical technologies chosen specifically to suit the metal to be protected.


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