Video: IPS Full Truck AirBags

This video depicts how full truck load airbags help prevent products from shifting during the ride and being damage.

IPS Packaging air bags are the most reliable and economical cushioning and bracing products available to provide your shipments with quality care. The Dunnage system air bags have been proven to be the best in load bracing, from boxes of crackers to television sets, from plywood boards to rolls of paper.

IPS Packaging provides only the most reliable and top of the line variety of air bags to fulfill your needs. Whether its poly woven air bags or paper air bags, Dunnage air bags are top-notch. The rewards of using the quality dunnage air bags are numerous and include reduced loading time and labor. And, they’re recyclable!

So if you’re “up in the air” with questions regarding loading, bracing and void filling, we can help. One free phone call provides you instant access to a Dunnage Specialist who will answer any specific questions regarding the Dunnage bags and make recommendations for your specific needs.

IPS Packaging is a leading provider of packaging supplies, packaging equipment and packaging solutions. If you would like to know more about IPS Packaging, call 800.277.7007 or contact our Sales team.

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