Video: Nelson Stretch Film Dispenser Demonstration

A product specialist demonstrates how to use the convenient Nelson stretch film dispenser that allows you to wrap a pallet from to to bottom.

The Nelson Wrap Dispenser is new to the market and brings with it much improved ergonomics over the traditional hand held wrap dispensers. The linear construction allows for a load to be quickly and easily wrapped. An operator adjusted tension control, paired with a hand brake assure you the tightest wrap needed for the application.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of this one-of-a-kind stretch film dispensers.

Make your stretch wrapping job easier with the Nelson Wrap Dispenser. This wrap dispenser is tensioned controlled with a handbrake for the tightest possible wrap. This stretch film dispenser captures the skid as well as it’s load and only one operator is needed. 

The Nelson wrap dispenser is the best way to stretch film wrap small, medium or large cargo with ease. No more bending ’til your back gives out or reaching high above your head and straining your neck; This stretch wrap dispenser creates a safer environment and is easy to use.

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