Wire harness manufacturer gains labor and inventory efficiencies

A Pregis distributor had been working with a company that manufactures wiring harnesses for a major aircraft company. The distributor saw that the harness manufacturer was purchasing a significant amount of bubble, which made the account an ideal target for conversion to an on‐demand system, specifically Pregis’ hybrid cushioning. (The company had been purchasing four truckloads of bubble per week which required a significant amount of warehouse space to store and labor to handle.)

DSC_0039Pregis conducted a Packaging Value Analysis using multiple versions and sizes of AirSpeed HC (hybrid cushioning).

The Large cushion profile allows the customer to use less material in its wrapping process which led to an average cost savings of 20%. Due to the sensitive nature of the wiring harness and strict requirements mandated by the aircraft manufacturer, it was necessary to find a material that would provide protection and remain inflated through a long, overseas shipping cycle.

The analysis led to recommending the 24‐inch, Large (1 ¼‐high) HC Performance clear film with a barrier layer. A barrier is added to the proprietary polyethylene coextrusion film to minimize the amount of air escaping (creep) from the inflated material.

Within 4 months, the analysis and trials were completed and 5 HC Versa units were installed. The company is now ordering 1‐2 skids of film per week, compared to the four truckloads of bubble previously required. They are happy with the performance and the ability to create cushioning on demand which significantly reduces labor and inventory space. In addition, their major aircraft customer found the new material to be a noticeable upgrade in presentation and performance.

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