Stretch Film Equivalent Gauges

When purchasing stretch film, the gauge is going to be an important factor. There are many different stretch film gauges available, which will be best suited for different applications. You may run across something called an equivalent gauge or hybrid gauge of stretch wrap. These equivalent gauges will mimic the properties of actual gauges, but there’s a few differences you should know.

What are Equivalent Gauges?

Because of rising material costs, many stretch film manufacturers are developing thinner, stronger stretch films that require less resins. Thanks to new technology, companies have been successful in creating films that mimic the strength of a higher gauge. Equivalent stretch films are ideal for even loads of average weight because even though the films offer high strength, they are still thinner and could potentially tear easier than standard gauges.

One of the major benefits of switching to an equivalent gauge stretch film is a lower cost. These films require less materials to manufacture, which means they can be sold cheaper. If you think your application could benefit from switching to an equivalent film, it’s worth it to do some testing. If you can make the switch, you’re sure to see the cost savings.

The Importance of Stretch Film Gauges

Whether you choose a normal or equivalent gauge film, it’s important to make sure you select the right gauge for your application. Different gauges are designed for different types of wrapping. See the infographic below for a brief description of the different gauges available and their uses. Remember that equivalent gauges offer the same level of strength as the gauge they mimic, so you can still use the image below to help you determine which equivalent gauge you need.

Take a look at our stretch film products and accessories today to find exactly what you need. We have plenty of equivalent gauges available for both cast and blown stretch wrap. Our customer service team is happy to help you choose an equivalent film that will work for your application. Just give us a call today at 888-893-7921.