Thermal Labels and the Many Ways to Use Them

Though thermal labels are one of the handiest and most important tools in your packaging supply arsenal, many individuals don’t take the time to research which types work best for their needs or all the different ways they can be used. Most people simply print out their barcode or shipping information onto the label, slap it onto a product or package, and go about the rest of their work without a second thought. However, there are a myriad of other uses for these versatile little tools, from marketing and advertising to instructions and directions and more. 


Most of the time, thermal labels are used for barcodes or shipping labels. An easy and creative alternate purpose for thermal labels is marketing. These labels can be used as stickers printed with your logo or other brand information and placed into your packages as a fun extra for your customers. These stickers are an exciting way to show off your brand and give your buyers an entertaining freebie that they won’t soon forget.  

Product Identification 

Thermal labels can do double duty by also acting as a permanent or temporary product identifier. Because they adhere so well to a wide variety of surfaces and items, thermal labels can be used in a variety of settings, such as on household appliances, kitchen goods, and much more. Whether your product needs to keep the label for years or simply needs to be identified for a few weeks until the end user chooses to remove it, these handy devices are an ideal choice. 

Instructions & Care 

Many products require careful, detailed instructions on the correct way to handle or operate them. This could be anything from complicated electronics and appliances to washing details for delicate garments or textiles. By sticking these premium adhesives to your goods, you’ll be able to easily explain to customers just how they can use their brand-new products. This eliminates confusion and simplifies the ownership process for your buyers. 

The Basics 

For very good reason, two of the most common uses for thermal labels are for package and shipping labeling. They can be quickly adhered to packages with information like pricing, SKU numbers, bar codes, UPC identifications, the customer’s address, your contact details, and more. These specifics are the details your clients need to understand that the correct product has arrived. Your shipping partners need them to safely get your packages to the correct locations. 

Need More? 

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