Pharmaceutical packaging and machinery to expand

The pharmaceutical packaging and machinery market is expected to see growth as the industry sets its sights on expansion in upcoming years.

The packing supplies machinery market is expecting to see further growth in the near future, as the industry as a whole sets its sights on expansion in upcoming years.
According to Packaging World, one company in particular expects its sales to boom in the near future. In 2013 alone, the company managed to leap from €900 million in revenue to about €1.1 billion. That’s only the start. With a 6.4 percent increase in growth last year, and 10 percent higher sales, the company expects to increase its sales figures to as much as €1.5 billion euros by the end of 2015.

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TPP tapes: a clear packaging alternative

TPP tape is offered as an alternative to filament tapes for securing pallets, bundling heavy goods, end tabbing coiled or rolled materials, and reinforced holding of volatile components

Tape comes with many different options. Most of the time, we find customers using stretch film in order to unitize their pallets. While this may be a viable option for some warehouses, others may want to consider changing their packaging solution to tape.

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Box packaging alternatives and ecommerce

Corrugated Box Mailers

The growth in the ecommerce market only leaves packaging companies with the staggering task of providing the perfectly tailored packaging designs for the products provided. “Checking All the Boxes, a study conducted in May 2014, StellaService explained that “proper package fit leaves a better impression with shoppers, saves retailers money on shipping costs, and reduces the possibility of damaged products.” Patented in 1856, corrugated paper has been used as a packaging solution for over a century.

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Palletizers: safe and effective packaging automation

Companies are increasingly adopting palletizers in their operations to improve safety and efficiency.

As companies continue to heighten their expectations of both workplace safety and flexibility, the shift from manual to automated operations is growing in popularity. One piece of equipment playing an extensive role in that trend is the palletizer. A palletizer is a machine that provides an automatic solution for stacking cases of product onto a pallet. Companies are increasingly adopting palletizers in their operations to improve safety and efficiency.

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Meat packing trends on the rise

Meat packing products undergoing new changes

For years, packing products companies have run into difficulties when it comes to the question of packing and shipping meat. There is a plethora of benefits for both the consumer and the manufacturer in exploring the arena of packaging within the food industry. If one were to merely snapshot the volume of the fresh meat market alone, one would be astounded. According to reports, that one product accounts for approximately 4 billion pounds and $15 billion in sales annually. The packaging involved must take on several facets, including protection against contamination, ranging temperature levels and lighting. It also must provide an appealing, transparent package on which a label can be displayed. In an effort to extend the shelf life of meat, the industry looks to the development of new products to facilitate potential geographical sales, improve the ease of shipping, lower the cost of meat production on the environment and reinvigorate the product’s premium nature.

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