Returnable Packaging 101

Returnable packaging is economical, sustainable, consistent and repeatable.

Returnable packaging is durable packaging meant for multiple uses in a closed loop system. This type of packaging can include pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers and dunnage. Each form of returnable packaging is made of materials such as plastics, injection molding, textile-based protective packaging and other materials that are durable and designed for multiple uses.

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Packaging design underrated but vital

Packaging design an underrated but vital piece of industry

Packaging design can be a vastly important part of the overall development of a product.

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Equipment purchase preliminary planning

Researchers and companies are introducing new improvements of modern packaging technology continually – which can oftentimes cause the task of  purchasing packaging equipment an overwhelming task. Here are just a few ideas to think about while you are in the process of researching packaging equipment. Determine the versatility that the products require during the packaging process. Packaging Europe reported that a new packaging line used with apples recently entered the market with a modular design, allowing it to be adapted in almost any form to

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Edible packaging a wave of the future?

Edible packaging may be the next step in food production

Wired reported that WikiFoods, a laboratory located in Paris, started gathering attention about two years ago thanks to WikiCells. This development was said to be the first edible packaging technology that was intended to make plastic packaging obsolete, adding a new element of environmental responsibility to the packing process that would ensure 100 percent recycling.  100% recycling.  Those are bold numbers in an time in which more and more companies are trying to focus their practices around just that effort.

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Transparent packaging cultivates controversy in the market

Transparent packaging

As consumer trends shift over time, there are some consistent factors that only continue to grow more popular among consumers.

One of the latest trend inspired a major groundswell of new packaging strategies meant to better appeal to user demands: transparent packaging. You’ve probably walked through the grocery store and noticed that more and more brands are switching to this crystalline packaging. Perhaps you, like throngs of others, tend to gravitate to this packaging. I know I tend to.

Transparent packaging

Wall Street Journal reported that many types of food packaging are being cleared up. Progressively, companies are taking the added time and effort to present their consumers with product packaging that will display the nature of the product: high-quality and healthy. After all, we want to be reassured that what we are putting into our bodies will do what it claims it will do, right?

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