Pallet wrapping to improve packaging in food and beverage industry

Stretch hooding improving packaging in food and beverage industry

New innovations in pallet wrapping are leading to greater efficiency and savings for two companies responsible for the distribution of cocoa and sparkling wine.

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Fragile Packaging: Balancing safety with performance

encouraging package redesigns, building time-tested foundations on logos and diving into sustainable and health-conscious packaging. It is meeting consumer demand.

Though some might suggest that manually packaging delicate products elicits increased attention to care; that is not always necessarily the case. Manual packaging can lend itself more susceptible to accidental breakage and external factors such as the logistics of the warehouse or other unaccounted for variables.

One wine company decided to deploy a fully automated packaging solution for its operations in California, according to Food and Beverage Packaging Magazine. The project, overseen by PAS (Power Automated Systems), enabled Trinchero Family Estates to move approximately 72,000 pallets of wine throughout their facility via multiple robotic vehicles.

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Corrugated boxes and temperature monitoring labels safeguard produce

Corrugated boxes emerging as a go-to for produce

A new study indicates that plastics involved with packaging fruits and vegetables in Canada could compromise the health of many customers throughout the country. Packaging Digest explains that a study from the University of Guelph that investigated the use of Reusable Plastic Containers (RUCs) found that this packaging strategy was compromising the quality of the produce they contained. The study deduced that a high percentage of these containers were not effectively cleaned, leaving the food they held susceptible to pathogens such as salmonella and norovirus.

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Polypropylene resin packs up the competition

Polypropylene a favorite among many packaging solutions

Plastics have long been a common solution for many packaging strategies, but one specific form of the material is growing increasingly common among many producers and distributors.
The use of poly resin within the packaging industry is quite varied. From the creation of bags to bottles and various containers, the flexibility of the material allows it to be used in a number of different settings, thus allowing it to become the go-to packaging material for many manufactures. With demands for more recyclable goods trending upward and businesses focusing on establishing quantifiable value and quality, the poly market is classifying specific plastics, such as polypropylene plastics, more attractive than others. There are a number of advantages to the use of polypropylene material making it a strong choice for companies of varying industries.

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Canned packaging remains tried and true

Canned packaging remains popular and innovative

The can has seemingly remained unchanged for a number of years, however, it is making some big news in the packaging industry due to its convenience and branding capabilities. A recent survey indicates that almost all Americans have canned packaging goods in their kitchens. This means that this packaging method is one of the most common across the country. The study was commissioned by Cans Get You Cooking, an affiliate of the Can Manufacturers Institute, and found that 98 percent of all Americans have canned foods in their kitchens. Furthermore, the average kitchen contains about 24 of these stocked cans.

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