Automation provides significant savings


“Automating [aspects of the] manufacturing process [such as packaging] not only drives costs down,  it improves quality, reduces waste and optimizes energy use. […The] application of automation is an essential ingredient in the sustainability of manufacturing businesses; automation will consequently increase a manufacturer’s competitive edge.” Mike Wilson, Chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association Do any of these situations sound familiar? Your packaging line can’t keep up with your production rates. You’re experiencing bottlenecks in your packaging area causing ripple effects up

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The future of strapping for unitization

"More decision-makers are opting away from steel because it lacks the stretch and recovery of polyester strapping."

The 6 questions that will help determine which strapping is right for you If you’re still confused with all the different advantages and disadvantages of plastic or steel strapping, ask yourself these simple questions determine which strapping method you should use for your application. Is the load heavy and stable? If so, use steel strapping. Does it need to travel a long distance? If so, use steel strapping. Will it need to be loaded and unloaded many times before destination? If so, use

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Let automation save you money, time, and resources


It goes without saying: the key to successful operations is smooth product flow. But when you’re producing more product than you can get packed in a shift, you’re fighting a losing battle.  You hire more people to keep up with the products coming out, but the extra labor costs are eating through the extra revenue from the increased production runs. What do you do? It’s time to automate your packaging process. Consider the following: One person can erect about 3

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Plastics Color Invests In Staff, Machinery and Infrastructure

Plastics Color Invests In Staff, Machinery and Infrastructure

Chicago, IL — Plastics Color Corporation, a global producer of colorants, compounds, additive masterbatches and custom polymers solutions, has made significant capital investments in line with a new strategic vision to guide the company into the next decade. “Plastics Color has committed its resources to making forward planning investments in several facilities to increase production capabilities,” announced Joe Byrne, president of Plastics Color. The investment program was implemented …

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Supply chain sustainability: save money and Mother Earth


What do the numbers 500 million, 2 billion, 7.6 billion, and $6 billion have in common with the supply chain? Give up? Wood pallets. Each year, we produce 500 million new wooden pallets and on any given day there are 2 billion wooden pallets in circulation.  Approximately 7.6 billion board feet of lumber is used annually to build these pallets equating to $6 billion in annual sales for the lumber industry, building the pallets that are used for shipping, storage, and distribution within the

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