Stretch film wrapping with cost saving success

Are you packaging with stretch film effectively?

Customers stretch wrap products in order to transport their merchandise from Point A to Point B in “as made” condition, at the lowest, most effective cost. Evaluation of the current stretch film usage can make all the difference in implementing the most cost effective practices.

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Honeycomb Paperboard Pallets: Eco-Friendly and Innovative


A wholesale food distributor was searching for a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood pallets. The food distributor was hoping to find a pallet weighing less and cut their spend on shipping costs. Through process evaluation an alternative packaging method was uncovered: honeycomb paperboard pallets. Honeycomb is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, custom-engineered kraft paper material that can be used as void fill packaging, pallets, dunnage, and other packaging alternatives. It is constructed by the adjoining of individual bands of kraft paper together into a series of hexagonal cells, creating a product with considerable strength.

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Dimensional Weight and How to Avoid Increased Shipping Charges

Carriers begin using Dimensional Weight in 2015.

If you order any ground shipments like the majority of people in this country, you may want to pay attention.  Beginning 2015, UPS and FedEx will begin charging by size and not just by weight.  Currently for any ground shipment of a packaging size less than 3 feet, UPS and FedEx charge by weight only.  Going forward, all packages will be priced via dimensional weight. Dimensional Pricing History Shipping costs have historically been calculated on the basis of gross weight in

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Why Not Use Nylon Strapping?

Nylon strap will stretch up to 6-7% allowing it to lengthen and contract based on the load properties.

In the early 1960’s, at a time when the only pallet securing product available was steel strapping, DuPont developed a process for “orienting” nylon strapping. This process imparts a break strength 3 to 4 times that of an un-oriented nylon strap, strong enough and with sufficient impact resistance to tightly secure pallet loads of goods during shipment from plant to customers.

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Returnable Packaging 101

Returnable packaging is economical, sustainable, consistent and repeatable.

Returnable packaging is durable packaging meant for multiple uses in a closed loop system. This type of packaging can include pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers and dunnage. Each form of returnable packaging is made of materials such as plastics, injection molding, textile-based protective packaging and other materials that are durable and designed for multiple uses.

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