Online shopping has changed shipping forever

Shopping online

Shopping has fundamentally changed Scary statistic: there are only 12 more weekends left before Christmas! Halloween candy and costumes reside in the clearance sections of stores and you’re starting to see discounts online because retailers are already pushing for the next holiday; Thanksgiving centerpieces are out and even Christmas ornaments and wreaths are starting to pop up. With the holidays coming up quicker than we’re ready to accept, the shopping scramble is sure to begin sooner rather than later.  Traffic will start

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4 ways to justify the cost of stretch wrap machine

Stretch Wrap Automation

It can be difficult justifying to upper management the need to spend money on a stretch wrap machine to replace the already established process of hand wrapping; until you review the numbers, the assumption is that a person will always be cheaper than a stretch wrap machine. However, a careful analysis of the actual quantified savings can help even the staunchest cost conscious managers start to think twice. Damage Damaged products equal lost revenues because damaged products could need repair or

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Don’t get hosed on your strapping tools

GripPack Strapping Sealer Tool

How many times have you found yourself dragging around long hoses to feed the pneumatic strapping tools in your facility?  If you don’t have a stationary location for strapping, you know just how frustrating and difficult it can be moving those heavy air canisters, trying not to trip yourself or your coworkers with the hoses, while you look for a someplace to plug in the electrical cord. Introducing the newest revolution in strapping tools Weighing in at less than 9 pounds each, Signode’s unique

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8 more stretch wrap machine questions to ask

The equipment you choose you will want to ensure will reduce your packaging materials, cut production costs and prove to be more environmentally friendly.

Don’t lose sight of the most important reason why you’re considering a stretch wrap machine in the first place: to get your load from its origin to its destination in the same condition in which it left. Machines wrap better than people, but they are not capable of making decisions as they work, so you’ll need to understand what you want the machine to be able to do. What kind of stretch wrap will you be using?  When you’re considering purchasing

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Top 5 questions to ask about stretch wrap machines

Are you packaging with stretch film effectively?

If you’re looking to enhance the packaging process at your facility, stretch wrap machines are a great way to do it.  However, choosing the right stretch wrap machine should be a careful consideration for any business. There are several factors to consider when making your choice. Remember, there are two ways to apply stretch wrap, by hand and by machine. Hand wrapping is labor intensive and slow. Manual effort cannot effectively stretch the film. This has negative consequences on holding

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