Food packaging: vision and progression

Food packaging can have effects on food quality

According to a recent Ken Research report, the global beverage and food packaging market has been growing at a compound rate in the last half-decade of about 2.5 percent from 2008 to 2013. In the next few years, that number will continue to rise. By 2018, the market itself will see an increased pace of growth, at around 3.1 percent, creating an overall market value of $380 million. In particular, the rigid plastic segment is expected to post the largest overall gains at a growth rate of about 4.2 percent during the period. Paper and cardboard products will represent about 19 percent of the food packaging market by 2018.

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Corrugated 101

General Corrugated Definitions Broke: Paper trimmings, paper damaged due to breaks on a paper machine or not manufactured to the required quality specification. Broke is usually fed back into the paper manufacturing process. Carton Dimensions: Dimensions refer to the interior of a carton, measured in millimetres of Length x Width x Height. Length (L) is the longer side of the opening and Width (W) is the shorter. Height (H) is the length between the openings on either end. Cellulose: The

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Commodity packaging gets creative

Whether it's coming by innovating with production styles or by completely reusing a normal product, the packing products industry continues to find new ways to change its practices.

Whether it’s coming by innovating with production styles or by completely reusing a normal product, the packaging industry continues to find new ways to evolve. In doing so, the limits of packaging products are unlimited!
According to European Plastics News, one such shift in operation strategy will likely benefit companies that create bubble wrap packaging..ā€¯Medical and environmental samples at a high-profile biological engineering location are now not only being shipped using the product but now the samples are being tested in the bubble wrap packaging as well.” One such lab that is currently doing this is the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.

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Manufacturing speed boosts packaging expectations

Speed newest focal point in machines for packing products

In recent years, packaging machines have seen high-quality improvements in production speed, enabling companies to push products into the shipping lanes faster than ever before. But the Hindu Business Line, manufacturer of packaging machinery and a pioneer in form-fill seal machines, is escalating that anticipation into a new machine reaching even faster speeds than ever before.

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Packaging safety standards and looking forward

Packaging safety and what's ahead for the market

Out of all of its various uses, there are some aspects of packaging that are less commonly noticed. One of the most pressing is packaging safety standards, which has several angles being addressed within the marketplace. One such concern is that of traceability and product safety. Food Production Daily reported smart packaging technology one solution featuring advances including radio-frequency identification. Citing the Active and Intelligence Packaging Industry Association, the news source found that demand for these containers in industries like food production will reach a total of about $3.5 billion by 2017.

Other industries, such as the bottling and beverage industry, are also jumping on board. A Michigan-based technology provider called eAgile, together with these industries, developed eSeal, a packaging technology expected to be used on food cartons, beverage bottles and similar containers. The expectation of eSeal is to promote and incorporate the following advances…

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