Stopping damage with unique angle board solution

Corner board is the most efficient, simple, and reliable way to protect edges, strengthen boxes, facilitate stacking, and protect against strapping.

Unique angle board solution eliminates a problem that costs manufacturers millions of dollars per year in rejected shipments An innovative custom solution can help manufacturers of large appliances eliminate the damage caused to their packaging by clamp trucks. Instead of forklifts and pallets, many manufacturers are using clamp trucks to quickly load, unload and store product. The problem that is often encountered with clamp trucks is that they can crush boxes side-to-side during the loading process. When a clamp truck picks up a unit to load it into a trailer, it can exert up to 2,000

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Shipping damage destroys your brand image

Stretch Wrap Automation

The main goal of packaging is to get your products to your customers in the same condition in which they leave your facility – whether you’re the manufacturer or the distributor. But, once these loads are put in the back of a truck and start their journey, what happens next is completely out of your control. If your loads aren’t stretch wrapped effectively or your trailers packed appropriately, all of your products could be at risk of sustaining shipping damage. Damage can

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Paper or plastic? The age old question touches packaging too

Box with Paper

Paper or plastic? You used to hear the question every time you went to the grocery store. Somewhere along the way, we, as a society, decided that plastic is better. Or is it? That depends on who you ask. Or what you’re doing. Or what you need to protect. It’s time to give some thought to a paper void fill system. Plastic void fill packaging has it’s place, but so too does paper void fill packaging. Both protect your products during shipment.

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Construction begins on new Orangeburg facility


It’s official! Ground has been broken on IPS Packaging’s new state-of-the-art Orangeburg facility. The 50,000 square foot facility will provide distribution for our growing customer base in the midland and low country, as well as along the North Carolina and Georgia coasts. Expandable up to 3x that size, “this location will give our customers even more affordable and timely deliveries,” says Jerry W. Murdock, IPS’ President. “The building of this Class A facility with a climate-controlled warehouse and offices shows the strong

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5 tips to help your business prepare for peak-season packaging

Summer may just be starting, but it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for the busiest time of the year for most manufacturers, distributors, and retailers: the holidays. The sooner companies start to prepare for the influx of orders, the better equipped they’ll be to handle them. And with online shopping having completely changed the way people buy, shipping and packaging is set to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. The peak season brings a lot of challenges for

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