We’ve got #PackagingKnowledge and #NoTimeForTheHardSell


In a business landscape that is always about the hard sell, it’s time for someone to just provide the knowledge you need to make the decision yourself without the traditional pressure of salesmanship. One of the hardest things for a distributor to do is not sell.  That’s our life’s blood: it’s how we make our money, pay our employees, and feed our families.  But part of what makes IPS different is that we’re not just about undercutting the distributor down

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Wrap rage: it’s real and it’s spectacular


Ever heard of wrap rage?  Apparently, it is a real thing and it actually sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year (I’m imagining that conversation with the intake nurse now… and I’ll admit that I’m chuckling a little). So, our Content Specialist wrote about it on her LinkedIn blog because, honestly, she couldn’t believe it was a real thing either.  A little research and it’s pretty amazing the stuff that she found out. Wrap rage.  It’s not the on-going battle between

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Lost customers are little known side effect of shipping damage

Foam-in-place provides unique customized cushioning properties.

A 2014 report claimed that only 5% of consumers feel their customer experience exceeded their expectations and some 29% say that companies miss the mark. But, perhaps the bigger concern is that customers now feel empowered to complain about their dissatisfaction: 93% of customers talk about good experiences at least occasionally. 46% talk about their good experiences all of the time. 95% of customers will report their poor experiences to others some of the time. 60% will tell others about poor experiences all of the time. The survey shows, “On average,

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Packaging 101: The Corrugated Box

Automatic Case Sealer

Boxes.  Cases.  Cartons.  Corrugated. Whatever you may call them, you see corrugated boxes everywhere.  From front porches and distribution centers to moving trucks and manufacturing facilities, corrugated boxes are integral to our daily lives.  But just because we all use them doesn’t mean we all understand them.  The last post detailed facts that most people don’t know; this post will focus on common terminology for corrugated. It all comes together to help you better understand packaging.  Whether you are someone running a multi-billion dollar

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Everything you thought you knew about boxes is wrong

Corrugated packaging why and how

Boxes.  Cases.  Cartons.  Corrugated. Whatever you may call them, we see them everywhere.  From front porches where they’ve been left from an e-commerce seller to distribution centers and manufacturing where they are storing products for shipment out to their final destinations, corrugated boxes have become an integral part of our world. Most of us think of boxes as nothing more than the thrown away carrier that brought us our products from the manufacturer.  But the fact of the matter is

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