Foam Planks and Profiles: Packaging with Foam

Foam planks can be easily fabricated into any desired shape using conventional tools. It can be die-cut, heat-sealed, welded, glued, saw-cut, split, skived, water jet cut, routed and drilled to precise specifications. Ideal applications for foam planks include: electronic components, medical instrumentation, PC components, PC accessories, automotive trim, glass, rail car or trucking and specialty pallets. ProFlex Foam Profiles: Foam profiles feature a chemically inert, odorless, clean, closed-cell structure with excellent resiliency, flexibility and shape memory. Since these products are

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A Look Into Source Reduction Basics

Waste prevention, also know as “source reduction,” is the practice of designing, manufacturing, purchasing, or using materials (such as products and packaging) in ways that reduce the amount or toxicity of trash created. Reusing items is another way to stop waste at the source because it delays or avoids that item’s entry in the waste collection and disposal system.

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Packaging Cost Savings: Tape Switch Saves Company 37%

TPP Packaging Tape

In some cases companies use stretch film for the unitization of pallets. Unknowingly, one of our clients was using this methodology for in-house storage in their warehouse. With just a little creativity, IPS was able to offer a TPP Tape solution to this unitization. Overall benefits of TPP Tape are: A fulfillment house was using stretch film to unitize pallets for in-house storage. A switch to a TPP tape allows a company to: Upon switching to the TPP tape, the

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Learning PTFE Products: Belts, Fabrics, Films, Tapes

PTFE Tapes

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), yeah, we thought so too. Not everyone uses this term, but everyone knows it’s meaning, because PTFE is most recognized  a substance that has been utilized in multiple ways since, including industrial supplies and materials such as belts, films, fabrics and tapes. PTFE’s ability to withstand extreme heat and it’s non-stick surface makes it a valuable commodity for both industrial and commercial purposes. PTFE Belts PTFE belting materials were developed for applications that require superior release characteristics, permeability

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Different Electrical Tape Products in Packaging: Looking at 3M

3m tapes

3M invented vinyl electrical tape, and continues to be the standard of the industry. Not all electrical tapes are the same. Listed below are differing characteristics and applications of each type of tape electrical tape that we offer. 3m 1710 Tartan electrical tape is considered to be general use tape. It is a black, 7 mil thick vinyl constructed tape. Inexpensive and relatively durable, Tartan 1710 insulating tape resists abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acid, copper corrosion and weather (including ultraviolet rays).

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