Packaging markets ripe for expansion

Paper packaging markets ripe for expansion

Packaging World reports that one of the leading packaging markets to see growth throughout the next five years will be that of the recycled paper packaging market. Growth for this industry is pegged at about 5 percent annually through 2018, with demand continuing to grow worldwide. Notably, the manufacturing economy of China and other emerging countries will drive much of this growth in demand. Some experts are even concerned that this demand will outstrip supply, even as the recovery of paper and paperboard has increased by more than 80 percent in the United States and Canada in the last 25 years. European countries have also achieved a higher recycling rate of an average of about 75 percent.

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Consumer-based packaging trends highlight the food industry

Small Cap Network reported that operational changes are seen seen all over the world, with a renewed focus on shelf appeal, pack functionality and innovation. Manufacturers are looking for packaging design and functionality that will appeal both to the consumer eye and ease of use. A Japanese company’s corned beef products are one example, as the formerly one-use containers originally used have new been replaced with plastic with resealable containers. The packages themselves radiate a more colorful and modern design, helping to improve the overall advertising of the brand.

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Packaging market North American trends

New trends helping expand the North American packaging market

The packaging market in North America is expected to grow over the next 3 years, but what is driving this expansion?

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Biodegradable packaging market expands globally

Adoption of biodegradable packing products will grow fast

The latest reports from the packaging products industry have found that a new trend is quickly gaining sway. While it still only comprises a small corner of the total market, its future growth is expected to be explosive, which will affect how businesses approach packaging in the long term.

Food and Beverage Packaging reported that a recent prediction saw the global plastic biodegradable packaging market expanding at a compound annual growth rate of more than 18 percent from 2013 to 2019. That means that in the future, the industry may be worth as much as $8.4 billion. Increasing consumer awareness, as well as the desire for change, has driven much of this growth. Generic and contract manufacturing activities will only drive it further.

Specific industries expected to take charge in the biodegradable packaging market are the food and beverage industries. As consumers demand healthier and more traceable food and beverage items, the industry is also focusing on a greener emphasis in its bigger business practices. Businesses that also want to differentiate their packaging and products from their competitors may also make the leap to these items as well, seeking to reach the best levels of production that also factor in a more environmentally.

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Packaging automation and robotics prove process optimization

Improving unloading efficiency though packaging machines

When it comes to larger commercial operations it is essential to be able to handle many bulk orders in a single day so as to meet the demands of a growing business – only strengthening the cause for packaging automation.

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