Waste not, want not: How much packaging waste is too much?

Smaller and minimalist packaging remains popular among producers

We need packaging. But with it comes packaging waste. So, where do we draw the line? Packaging is a must: just imagine a world without it. There has always been some sort of packaging and there always will be, but is there way for us to discontinue the amount of pollution and waste produced from these necessity of life? Where do we draw the line in the agreeing to accept the reality of packaging waste into our lives? One of

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Flutes aren’t just for symphonies anymore

Corrugated close up

Flutes: A corrugated symphony of structure Architects have known for thousands of years that an arch with the proper curve is the strongest way to span a given space. The inventors of corrugated fiberboard applied this same principle to paper when they put arches in the corrugated medium. These arches are known as flutes and, when anchored to the linerboard with a starch-based adhesive, they resist bending and pressure from all directions. When a piece of combined board is placed

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5 ways to prevent waste in your packaging program


If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking for ways to cut costs. Have you considered cost cutting in your packaging program? Source reduction, recycling, and an efficient packaging program continue to be the traditional go-to methods for helping to both minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills in the U.S. and to minimize the cost of that waste to companies. And a recently released 20th Anniversary edition of “A Study of Packaging Efficiency, As It Relates to Waste Prevention” report, produced

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For shipping glass, it’s time to consider replacing corrugated


Transporting glass is a very difficult task that takes lots of care and precision. Not having the right protective material can lead to disaster if you aren’t careful; a disaster that will not only cost you money and time, but also your customer’s trust. Using cheaper materials such as corrugate are good for company’s on an extremely tight budget, but think about it: Do you really want to risk destroying the glass from lack of adequate protection to save a few bucks? Protective

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How to choose the right strapping product: What type of package do you have?


Do you know how to choose the right strapping product? If you’re using strapping to package your products, knowing what kind of package you have will help you to determine what kind of strapping you need to purchase. Do you know that there are five main types of packages on which you’d use strapping? Knowing what kind of package you’re looking to unitize will help you determine the right strapping to use. But first, you have to understand the differences

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