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Shipping damage destroys your brand image


The main goal of packaging is to get your products to your customers in the same condition in which they leave your facility – whether you’re the manufacturer or the distributor. But, once these loads are put in the back of a truck and start their journey, what happens next is completely out of your control. If your loads aren’t stretch wrapped effectively or your trailers packed appropriately, all of your products could be at risk of sustaining shipping damage. Damage can

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eBooks: Just how much do on the job injuries cost your business?


Safety. Worker’s compensation payouts. OSHA regulations. On the job safety. All of these are critical components to determining the total cost of your production. Did you know that the US spends an average of $1 BILLION per week on nonfatal workplace injuries? Or that 110,000 forklift accidents happen every year and that nearly 37,000 people are injured just getting on or off a forklift a year? Then I bet you didn’t know that every year over 1 million US workers

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6 easy ways to save money on your packaging

Corrugated packaging why and how

It’s time to save money on your packaging. Here are 6 simple ways. Have you ever thought about some of the ways that you could find some hidden cost savings potential in packaging? Ten years ago, it wasn’t a high priority. However, as transportation and warehousing costs have continued to steadily rise, companies realized that packaging offered a fresh opportunity to cut costs. Despite that new found awareness, many companies are still struggling to identify where exactly they can cut

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5 ways to improve your foam-in-place operations

Foam in Place Example

Are you constantly trying to manage your foam-in-place consumable usage? Are you frustrated by unexpected foam-in-place equipment downtime? Do you get annoyed when you have to wait several days for a service technician? If so, you are not alone. A recent independent research study of current foam-in-place users identified several desirable process attributes. They include the ability to: better manage costs associated with consumables avoid downtime due to equipment malfunction operate the unit quickly and easily, by any employee know that

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Mullen vs. ECT: Is there a difference in corrugation tests?


What is the difference in corrugation tests and does it even matter? As packaging partners, we’re used to getting a lot of questions about how to best manage their packaging needs without spending needless amounts of money. One frequently asked question is about the difference in corrugation tests. Mullen board and ECT board are both very strong and capable types of corrugated, but, sometimes, choosing one over the other may save you time, money, and potential product damage. For many

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