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SURECrate: The sure answer to your heavy-duty packaging needs

Introducing the SURECrate, the sure alternative to your wooden crating needs The SURECrate™ custom engineered solution is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that offers all-around protection and stacking strength for large or irregular-shaped products. It’s ideal for any heavy or hard-to-box items and is a superior choice to wood crating. Made from the same 100% recycled laminated paperboard materials, each SURECrate is a complete engineered system that is customized to the precise needs of each situation. The SURECrate is perfect for

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What you need to know before choosing a packaging solution

Choosing the best protective packaging strategy is one of the most important decisions a company can make. There is a wide range of options to protect items during shipping. Knowing a little bit more about the item’s journey from the warehouse to the consumer’s hands will help identify the best solution. Distribution method The first thing a company needs to think about is the path of the product. Many items will be packed to ship directly to the consumer. Other

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EasyPack: The new, unique paper system for void fill

Blocking and bracing ensure the complete elimination of product movement inside a box by securing the product using strategically placed packaging. It’s excellent for oddly shaped products and for products that do not require a complete void fill option. Total protection refers to a resiliant safeguard solution for items that require comprehensive cover. Finally, general void fill is the technique used for filling spaces in a box to reduce the potential of movement in transit. EasyPack by Pregis offers a

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Most common causes of stretch wrap failure identified

When palletizing your produce, stretch wrap failure can spell near certain damage. Knowing what causes the most typical failures can help you avoid the consequences. Do you know why most stretch wrap failures occur? Lack of understanding of containment force Lack of established standards in stretch wrap application Film flaws What is containment force? Containment force or force to load is the amount of force the film exerts on the load to maintain its integrity. This is extremely important when

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For shipping glass, it’s time to consider replacing corrugated

Transporting glass is a very difficult task that takes lots of care and precision. Not having the right protective material can lead to disaster if you aren’t careful; a disaster that will not only cost you money and time, but also your customer’s trust. Using cheaper materials such as corrugate are good for company’s on an extremely tight budget, but think about it: Do you really want to risk destroying the glass from lack of adequate protection to save a few bucks? Protective

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