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Case Study: Auto bagging system saves 65% in labor costs

65% Reduction in Labor Costs

How much can packaging automation save? The answer: A LOT. In this case study, we’re looking at a frozen food producer. They use too many employees to fill their frozen packs when they should be using automated equipment. The cost of labor and slow production speed is costing the company and they needed a quick fix. This company produces single-serve and family-sized food packages. These frozen foods are for sale nationwide at grocery stores, membership warehouse clubs, convenience stores, and

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How To Determine Your Bag Size

Determining Bag Size

*Updated 9-6-17* Finding the correct bag size is a cost saving move for you. Poly bags come in varying sizes and you should know what’s the best for your products. When you buy the size closest to your needs, the benefits are two fold; you save money by purchasing a smaller product and you do your part to help protect the environment by using less material. Below are diagrams that will help guide you in determining your bag size. Measuring

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