Different Types of Poly Bags

Poly bags or plastic bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some provide unique features, like the ability to prevent static charges, while others are simply a convenient option for storing specific items. It can be difficult to find the right poly bag for your needs, so we’ve compiled some helpful information about the different types of poly bags below. Take a look, and make sure you call us if you have any questions!

Flat Poly Bags

Flat Poly Bag

Flat poly bags have two dimensions – width and length. Each bag is measured while laying flat, and they can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut. Flat poly bags are FDA approved, which makes them a great option for storing food items, hospital materials, electronic parts, and much more.

Flat Poly Bags on a Roll

flat poly bags on a roll

Like other flat poly bags, these have just two dimensions of measurement, width, and length. But this type of polybag is on a continuous roll of seamless tubing with a perforated section under the bottom seal. These must be torn off before they are opened. They can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut as well.

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly Bag

Commonly known as flat-bottom bags, these feature a tucked in pleat that’s been pressed flat. It allows the bag to expand for greater carrying capacity and keep the shape of a box if necessary. These types of poly bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut.

Gusseted Poly Bags on a Roll

gusseted bags on a roll

These are gusseted poly bags on a roll of seamless tubing perforated under the bottom seal. They must be torn off the roll to be opened. They feature a tucked in pleat that’s been pressed flat, allowing the bag to be expanded for greater capacity.

Reclosable Poly Bags

Recloseable Poly Bag

This type of polybag typically features a standard zip track closure or a zip slider closure. They are commonly referred to as Ziplock bags, resealable bags, and secure bags. They can be used for a number of applications, including food storage, electronics, and many others.

Polypropylene Bags

polypropylene bag

Polypropylene bags are commonly used in food storage because of their ability to delay evaporation and dehydration. They provide high clarity with a crystal-clear appearance that enhances a product’s image. These bags provide incredible protection against moisture and vapors.

Poly Furniture Covers

poly furniture colors

These are typically stored on a roll for your convenience, and they offer great protection for sensitive furniture in storage or transit. They can protect against spills, dust, and more. They’re a great option for moving leather or fabric covered furniture.

Poly Mattress Bags

poly mattress bags

These larger poly bags are helpful for keeping mattresses clean and dry while in storage or transit. Mattress bags come in a variety of dimensions to accommodate any size mattress. They include bag ties for tight seals and are see-through, so you can keep track of products and barcodes on the go.

White Block Bags

white block poly bag

These type of bags features a unique white block on the bag that proves useful for labeling small parts or organizing different materials. They’re typically reclosable and reusable, making them very handy in any packaging strategy. White Block bags also have thicker Mil options to help you store items without the fear of puncturing or tearing.

Bin Liners or Poly Pallet Covers

bin liners and pallet covers

These extra larger plastic bags protect pallets that will be stored or transported. They slip over the top of the pallet and drop down to cover the entire product. Covers can be used to prevent damage from weather, dust, paint, and other types of debris.

Bubble Poly Bags and Pouches

bubble poly bags and pouches

These plastic bags offer added protection and save time when packaging up products. They’re extremely lightweight and work well for wrapping items as well as filling voids in boxes. The flexible plastic sheeting contains numerous small air pockets or ‘bubbles’ that help cushion items during shipment. They’re commonly used to protect fragile items.

Poly Tubing

poly tubing

Poly tubing allows you to create the bag size you need for odd shaped products or varying sizes of a product. The tubing of plastic can be cut at the desired length and heat sealed on one end to create a bottom closure. Then you insert your product from the other end and close the opening however you see fit, whether that means using ties, staples, tape, or heat sealing. Our poly tubing comes in a variety of thicknesses and is FDA and USDA certified.

Amine-Free Anti-Static Poly Bags

amnia-free anti-static poly bag

These bags are engineered to meet the static decay rates and surface resistivity of MIL-PRF-81705D, Type II, and EIA-541. They’re used mostly in the electronics and automotive industry to protect key electrical components during travel. They are also Military Spec Approved for shipments.

Metallic Static Shielding Poly Bags

metallic shielding poly bag

These type of poly bags are manufactured with optimal static shielding from both inside and outside of the bag. They’re used mostly for highly-sensitive electronic components. They present a total Faraday Cage that protects against static while maintaining visibility with transparent layers.

Black Conductive Poly Bags

black conductive poly bag

Black conductive poly bags are constructed of volume conductive materials that’s made from a 4 Mil single layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene. This creates a Faraday Cage effect with minimal E.M.I. and R.F.I. protection. They have a surface resistivity of 10 to the 3rd power to 10 to the 5th power ohms/sq. cm and a volume resistivity of less than 3000 ohms/cm. These bags also meet the military specification requirements of NFPA-56-A, MIL-P-82647, and MIL-P-82646.

Anti-Static Poly Bags

anti-static poly bag

Most commonly used for the electronics industry, these plastic bags contain a special additive that eliminates static charges to protect electronic components in transit. They are quickly identified by their pink coloring.