SKU ips-easypack-geoterra-paper-packaging

Pregis Easypack GeoTerra is the perfect option for light cushioning and interleaving protection as it nests within itself, locking products into place. GeoTerra is ideal for brands that want to protect their products while offering customers a curbside recyclable solution.

Product Protection

  • Cushioning properties are activated when dispensed forming a lattice structure that provides protective cushioning or interleaving solution for fragile products
  • GeoTerra pattern nests together locking products into place, providing 6-sided protection that doesn’t require tape.

Sustainable Packaging

  • Curbside recyclable paper solution

Packer Centric

  • Dispenser with easy tension adjustment for quick pull, tear, and pack motion
  • Lightweight rolls are easily loaded with no setup required.
  • Also available in a convenient dispenser box for increased mobility

Customer Experience

  • Curbside recyclable packaging
  • Lattice structure WOWs! Consumers

Perfect for packing

  • Dishware/Glassware
  • Cosmetics
  • Candles/Home goods
  • Jarred Foods/Products
  • Fragile Items
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