Intimus Pacmaster S Packaging Material Shredder

SKU 374372
The intimus® packaging material shredder provides a unique type of corrugated recycling by transforming used corrugated cartons into valuable padding material and packaging filler. The shredded result is stuffing/void fill that can be used for sensitive and heavy goods. Shreds old and obsolete cardboard to robust packaging material. Featuring a size guide on the work surface to ensure accurate cutting, as well as a lockable power switch and emergency stop switch. The extremely robust steel plate housing makes this machine perfect for heavy duty use at the packing station.
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Single Pass Operation
Pad Grid: 0.16 x 4.33"
Shredding Capacity: 5-7 m3/h
Carton: 2-3 layers
Cutting Speed: 0,18 m/s
Cutter Feed Width/Height: 16.73 / 0.59"


Width 27.17"
Length 18.50"
Height/Depth 37.40"