In a down-trodden economy it is conducive to our wallets to find the proper tool for the job…yet not be wasteful with our money. Doing a bit of research to find a feasible and affordable product can go a long way.

For example, a customer that produces commercial roll up doors was using 25′ -50′ spiral tubes to package commercial overhead doors. Each overhead door is a custom size. The customer would cut the tubes to length and split the spiral tubes in half in order to wrap them around the rolled door. Then the package was strapped with 500# polypropylene strap. The polypropylene strap was manually tensioned and sealed. This strap broke quite often. Furthermore, the doors rattled around inside of the split tube and created lots of damage. To make matters worse, the tubes had a cost of $25 to $40 each.

After many tests, a scored triwall corrugated sheets was suggested to replace the spiral tubes. The triwall was cheaper, easier to handle, and required less storage space.  We recommended the customer to switch to using a BXT-19 with 5/8″ x .040 PET. The PET was the correct break strength and the BXT was quicker. By tightly strapping the corrugated around the rolled up doors, they experienced far less damage in transit.  These unique modifications saved the customer 50% of their packaging cost.

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The Problem: A customer that produces commercial roll up doors was using sprial tubes to package commercial overhead doors and was experiencing breakage of packaging products.

  • Polypropylene strap breaking regularly
  • Seeking a less expensive alternative to steel strapping

The Solution: IPS Packaging suggested the use of scored triwall corrugated sheets to replace the spiral tubes.

  • Scored triwall was less expensive
  • Scored triwall was easier to handle
  • Required less storage space
  • Reduced transit damage
  • Cost savings of 50%

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