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5 ways to reduce packaging costs

Supply and Demand

1. Prioritize Listen, we all have a lot going on, but this list is about the best ways to reduce packaging costs. This first one should be pretty obvious if you’re really going to save money here. It’s time to really think and understand your packaging. Not all boxes are alike and there’s a lot that goes into the decision making for packaging. What may be the cheapest way to ship something in the beginning, may not turn out to

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How To Properly Use & Operating Pressures for Dunnage Air Bags

Using dunnage air bags → Step 1: Load tightly against bulk head. Load each successive row tightly against previous row. → Step 2: Last units placed against side of trailer. Void should not exceed 18 inches. Fill excess void with other appropriate filler material. → Step 3: Always use proper material to protect bags from load face. No sharp edges or points may touch bag. Irregular load surfaces may require rigid buffering material. → Step 4: Attach “Quick Fill” tip

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