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Wrap rage: it’s real and it’s spectacular

Ever heard of wrap rage?  Apparently, it is a real thing and it actually sends thousands of people to the emergency room every year (I’m imagining that conversation with the intake nurse now… and I’ll admit that I’m chuckling a little). So, our Content Specialist wrote about it on her LinkedIn blog because, honestly, she couldn’t believe it was a real thing either.  A little research and it’s pretty amazing the stuff that she found out. Wrap rage.  It’s not the on-going battle between

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eBook: Top 5 questions to ask about stretch wrap machines

*Updated on 8/1/17 If you’re looking to enhance the packaging process at your facility, stretch wrap machines are a great way to do it.  However, choosing the right stretch wrap machine should be a careful consideration for any business. There are several factors to consider when making your choice. Remember, there are two ways to apply stretch wrap, by hand and by machine. Hand wrapping is labor intensive and slow. Manual effort cannot effectively stretch the film. This has negative

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Packaging solutions in military lead to millions in savings

Budgetary cost saving initiatives. Innovative containment and distribution of goods. Process evaluation. Automation packaging. Raw and packaging materials development and alternatives. January 2014 is quickly approaching us; many of these subjects are commonplace goal sets corporate entities moving into Quarter One. On a larger scale however, consider the necessity of each of these initiatives on a continual basis within the military sector. Be it providing relief services in the wake of a natural disaster or distributing supplies to those in

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