tesa® Mounting Tape offers a flexible way to permanently wall-mount your objects. These smart tapes give permanent hold on four different surface types.

Mounting Tape for Transparent & Glass holds up to 20kg/m. An almost invisible, permanent solution for mounting objects on transparent and solid surfaces.

  • For transparent and solid surfaces indoors * Holds up to 20kg/m* * For permanent applications * Almost invisible *For optimal results a max. of 6kg per application/objects is recommended

Mounting Tape for Wallpaper & Plaster holds up to 10kg/m. A permanent way to mount on textured and sensitive surfaces.

  • For textured and sensitive surfaces like wallpaper or plaster indoors
  • Holds up to 10kg/m*
  • For permanent applications

Mounting Tape for Brick & Stone up to 10kg/m. The weather-resistant way to wall-mount on solid surfaces outside.

  • For solid surfaces like brick & stone indoors & outdoors
  • Holds up to 10kg/m*
  • For permanent applications

Mounting Tape for Tiles & Metal up to 100kg/m. The strongest way to wall-mount on smooth and solid surfaces like tiles.

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • Can hold up to 100kg/m*
  • For permanent applications

Mounting Tape for Tiles and Metal is a permanent way to mount in damp rooms like bathrooms. It reliably holds mirrors and other objects of up to 4mm thick.

  • For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors
  • Suitable for damp rooms like bathrooms
  • Especially suitable for mirrors and objects up to 4mm thick

Double Sided Adhesive Tapes

The backingis relevant for some of the main features of a double-sided tape. For rough surfaces, thicker foam tapes come into play. Thinner filmic tapes can be used for transparent bonding requirements and high performance tapes are able to dissipate stress thanks to their viscoelastic behavior.

The liner covers the adhesive system and is an important element for the application and removal process. At tesa we have paper and filmic release liners with a variety of different features.

Adhesive System
The proper choice of the adhesive depends on how the double-sided tape is to be used: the kind of surfaces and materials which are to be bonded, how long the bond is supposed to last, and whether it is an indoor or an outdoor application.