Compacker TM 1000 Case Sealer

The COMPACKER TM 1000 is a fully engineered automatic tray/case blank packing machine or tray former only. This machine has been designed to allow for easy customization to meet your specific needs. The machine’s efficient design is tailored to your particular requirements and allows the capabilities of tray/case blank erecting, product accumulation, product loading, and case sealing. Changeover can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, with most adjustments made using hand cranks and no special tools. Through the use of production tested designs, backed by 50 years of Compacker experience and proven performance, the TM 1000 provides optimum productivity. Like all Compacker equipment, it is engineered to meet your exact needs to reduce labor costs and improve line speed.
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Fully automatic operation.
Choice of tray or case blank styles.
Convertible from tray maker to tray or case blank/loader/sealer.
Easy changeover with most adjustments made by hand cranks requiring no special tools.
Accumulates and loads product in a variety of pack patterns,
Accepts product in an assortment of shapes and sizes.
Traymaker only requires no forming mandrel.
Easy-to-load capacity blank magazine.
Speeds up to 20 trays per minute, depending on line speed and product size.
Intermittent motion main drive.
Hot melt closure.
Compact, rugged structural steel construction.
Electrical controls with PLC logic.
Common sense construction for easy operation and maintenance.
Many options available according to customer needs.


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