Bagging Machines Cut Time, Labor, and Costs

Sharp Bagging System fixes slow and somewhat inaccurate hand-bagging operation.

IPS Packaging suggested that the manufacturing company fill out a Sharp bagging system survey

A small electronics manufacturing company needed a solution to their slow and inaccurate hand-bagging operation.  After completing the survey, the IPS Packaging specialist realized that a Sharp bagging system could be of significant help to the electronic manufacturing company. Prior to contacting IPS Packaging, the customer was using small, pre-printed labels to apply barcode and part numbers to bags after they were packed.


The electronics and accessories company was suffering from:

  • Slow and inaccurate bagging operation
  • Expensive labor costs
  • Hand-applying small, pre-printed labels

IPS Packaging proposed that they implement three table-top Sharp SX Model Baggers with printers. By executing this change, the manufacturer could also

  • Quicker more accurate bagging
  • Reduce labor costs
  • System prints and applies labels



The electronic company was receptive to the idea of the bagging system, but was still somewhat skeptical of the bagging system’s effectiveness and ability to be financially rewarding. Once the solution was presented, an IPS Packaging expert offered to demonstrate the bagging machine with simple bags at the customer’s location. An IPS Packaging expert flew from South Carolina to assist the electronics manufacturer with the demonstration. The machine was a success and the customer then decided to order three of the bagging machines that IPS had formerly suggested. They followed up by  thanking the IPS Packaging specialist for his willingness to personally demonstrate the product and testifying that the Sharp SX Model Baggers were a worthwhile investment.

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The manufacturing company’s labor was cut in half! In just a two year period, the company saved a colossal amount of money.

Total Packaging Cost Summary:


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