Packaging is more than just the container that holds a product. Getting goods from point A to point B takes a collaborative effort that needs to balance security, speed, cost, and cooperation, making it a far more complicated task than many may make it out to be. So what's the upside? Automated packaging is here to help.

Despite moving further into the 21st century, many companies are still behind the times when it comes to their packaging processes. Workers are focusing their efforts on opening, closing, and sealing packages when they could be put their time and talent toward more productive activities. The good news is that automated packaging machines have made immense progress over the past few years in this setting, which makes them valuable assets to companies in any sector.

Automated equipment can assemble containers, properly secure them for transportation, and even apply the labels responsible for tracking and delivery. Such solutions are progressing in a positive direction in a variety of industries, regardless of what kind of products are being packaged and shipped.

An automated packaging solution can address many issues that go beyond the box itself, making it a strong choice for improving business operations.

Automated Packaging Advancements in Pet Care

A common trend in today's market is to have companies operate entirely online. E-commerce is a growing industry, regardless of whether the products being sold are conventional goods, customized items, or anything in between, and this includes pet supplies.

Packaging World explains that the one company that falls into the pet supplies category has been able to improve its operations dramatically as a result of automated packaging machines. PetCareRx used to do all of these tedious processes by hand, which wasted both time and money in lost productivity and labor costs.

The previous method involved boxes being erected by hand, labels manually applied, and containers sealed by individual workers. However, the news source reported that all of these processes have now been addressed by machine, which has been making a world of difference for its business operations.

The throughput of the company has grown an incredible three times. On top of this, the company has likely been able to increase the productivity of its workers, thereby decreasing labor costs.

Addressing Automated Packaging on Multiple Fronts

Automated packaging can address numerous elements Automated packaging can address numerous elements

Innovations in packaging solutions have not been made in just a single field, in fact, there has been progress across a number of different processes and industries. Packaging Digest reported that the the international packaging expo recently wrapped up in Las Vegas, and some 1,600 plus companies had their various solutions on display at the conference.

A major topic of discussion across companies was finding cost savings for their customers. By using solutions that combined machines and materials, businesses could see their bottom lines get better and better. Furthermore, "intelligent" technology is making machines more sophisticated in the way that they go about completing tasks.

Ultimately, these improvements translate into better industrial efficiency, regardless of the industry, ensuring that a strong packaging solution is essential to business. Automated packaging can operate with speed and precision that simply cannot be matched by humans, making it a valuable asset to any company around the nation.